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Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

We all love spring! Its the time you get to bring a few plants indoors after months of snow, freezing temperatures, and rain. However, with spring come dusty shades of gray, green, and purple. It’s also the one time you can get comfortable clean all the stubborn spots around your house. Here are some of the cleaning secrets you should know:

  1. Pull the Vacuum Cleaner Slowly

Most don’t realize that when you push the vacuum forward, you are getting it in the right position, but to actually remove any soil, you have to pull it backward. So the secret is to slow down and pull pass if you want cleaner carpets.

Pick a vacuum cleaner offers a wide variety of vacuum makes sure to check them out. Vacuums tend to blow around most of the debris you are trying to clean especially if you have hard floors. To avoid that hassle, the secret is sucking up the fur balls and dust using the vacuum’s wand attachment first. After that make sure the machine is on the hard floor setting before giving the floor a pass.

  1. White Chalk

Always keep a white piece of chalk in your laundry room. The white chalks come in handy when you need to run on grease stains and absorb oil. All you have to do is launder as usual, and the piece will come out clean.

White chalk also does the trick on salad dressing, butter, cooking oil and more. If you don’t have a chalk, just sprinkle cornstarch over the stains, let it sit for about ten minutes to soak up the satin, then wash.

  1. Drop of Olive Oil

If your fridge has fingerprint stains all over, use a small drop of olive oil on a microfiber cloth or paper towel and use it to shine and clean the stainless steel to wipe off any fingerprints. Olive oil will also help keep the surface cleaner for a longer time. Wipe off the excess oil left in the fridge with a clean paper towel.

  1. Steam Clean

Whenever you clean using a chemical or product, some residue is left behind. Dirt and soil adhere to the residue which will then require further cleaning. To avoid the hassle, use a steam cleaner instead. This is because a steam clear uses vapor of hot water to remove the dirt and soil without any sticky residue. You can even use a steam cleaner to freshen your carpets.

  1. White Vinegar

Mineral deposits and water spots on kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures are not an only eyesore but very tough to remove. However, you can use vinegar to get rid of them. Saturate a microfiber cloth or paper towel with white vinegar and put it over the water spots and deposits.

Leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes then rub it away. Vinegar has acid that breaks down the water spots and deposits leaving your fixtures and faucets shiny. You can also use it for your showerhead. Find a shopping bag and fill it with white vinegar, tie it around your showerhead and let it soak overnight. Rinse the showerhead in the morning by running water.



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