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Clear Opera Green Emerald Ring Strengthens the Bond of Love

Clear Opera Green Emerald Ring Strengthens the Bond of Love

Emerald is one of the precious gemstones found on this planet, which is green in colour and its rigidity level ranges from 7.5 to 8 Mohs scale. It is usually used as common pieces of jewelry like green emerald rings, emerald necklaces, emerald bangles, etc.

But green emerald engagement rings are most popularly used by people. So why do people wear or use rings in their engagements? Actually, these rings represent the love, serenity, and purity of two hearts. It embellishes and nurtures the love between two persons and symbolizes that one is to be married to the other one.

 Stairway to Heaven Green Emerald Ring- 14K White Gold -Gabriella no. 15    

The Symbolism of Green Emerald Gemstone in Relationships:

According to Roman mythology, Emeralds are sacred stones of goddess Venus which comprise of love, compassion, beauty, fertility, and prosperity. Green emerald engagement rings also symbolize:

·       Prophecy:

Emeralds are considered as the stone of prediction. It is believed that green emeralds can create and maintain good and life-long communication between husband and wife.

Emeralds can make strong bonding between them. As it is good for both husband and wife’s married life, so emerald stones are used as engagement rings.

·       Anticipation :

Emeralds are also believed to symbolize hope. It means hope for a better and beautiful future after marriage filled with love and passion or hope for the longevity of the relationship or hope for attaining a strong bonding that will never break whatever maybe a troublesome situation arises.

·       Loyalty:

Tradition says that emeralds used as engagement rings are symbols of loyalty and faithfulness between partners towards each other. It also indicates the commitment of life-long supporting in every aspect of life.

Apart from symbolization, green emeralds also have healing powers. It has been used for centuries to heal a heart in the direct lights of full-moon.

Reasons to choose a green emerald stone for an engagement ring:

An engagement ring has always been special jewelry for every person. So it is also important that the stone or gem which will be set on the ring should be special too. The clear Opera Green Emerald Engagement Ring- Brooklyn no. 10 is a very famous emerald stone of its kind. The reasons for which one should select an emerald for his/her engagement ring are:

Mythological Reasons:

The reason for choosing this stone is its spiritual advantages. As said earlier, this stone has lots of abilities to withstand and behold love, communication, and bonding. Emerald also epitomizes the affection towards each other.

The Advantage to bride and groom:

Everyone wants a good bonding with the person with whom he/she has decided to spend his/her whole life. Well, the emerald stone, as said earlier, can bring love and affection and maintain its stability between them. As it has such spiritual abilities, so it is very beneficial for a groom-to-be or a bride-to-be to choose green emerald rings.

Elegant Look:

Apart from the spiritual advantages, people also want a classy and elegant outlook of his/her ring. For such desires, emerald is also one of the best options. The shape and size of the stone matter a lot. Besides, the metal of the ring also plays an important role here.

Emerald stones are preferably fit good with rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Yellow and rose gold get a wide range of acclamation with green emeralds and platinum is also a great white metal which fits well according to the elegance of the stone.

Unique setting style:

Emerald stones look more attractive due to its unique styles of setting and presenting the stone likewise.

Tri-stone green emerald engagement ring style is a prevailing style nowadays. It has multiple prong settings to hold the stone and elegant metal works too.

Halo settings are also a popular style of emerald engagement rings. It portrays the vintage outlook with modern elegance. Emerald-and-baguette stone engagement rings are also appreciable ones.

The Flying birds Green Unique Emerald Ring- Cadence noº 7   


Many people think about the prices and often step back before purchasing any jewelry. But the green emerald rings are budget-friendly, and anyone can afford it surely.

Emerald rings give positive responses in every aspect, be it looks or capabilities or cost. Additionally, clear opera green emerald ring is a smart and intellectual pick for engagement purposes.


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