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Clouding the Issue – 5 Productivity Boosting Cloud-Based Technologies

Clouding the Issue – 5 Productivity Boosting Cloud-Based Technologies

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Technology continues to advance at the pace of a wildfire, offering businesses increasingly more opportunities to implement new solutions to increase their productivity. Cloud-based technologies are becoming more and more prevalent because of the freedom they offer workers and the wider talent pool they offer employers. The challenge becomes identifying the right technologies that will boost productivity in your specific business. Below are five different solutions to consider.

  1. Unified Communications

As businesses become more global, more workers become remote. Companies need online locations that will allow employees to assemble and communicate as seamlessly as they did while sharing an office. Implementing unified communications as a service gives companies the ability to see when other workers are online, chat through a messaging service, share documents, and collaborate from wherever they might be in the world at the time. This creates a very efficient and productive work environment.

  1. Video Conferencing

Increase your productivity by regaining the focus of your coworkers and employees through video conferencing. Unlike a meeting in person, workers on video conference are less likely to be distracted by a phone call or email, which makes meetings more productive and focused. Collaboration is also more comfortable face-to-face because it allows individuals to read and interpret body language, join the conversation and reach consensus. Providing a cloud-based location where participants can access and review shared documents only increases the productivity and efficiency of these meetings.  

  1. Messaging Apps

Email is losing steam compared to the ease and directness of communication that messaging apps offer. Internally, businesses are turning to apps like Slack, Google Hangouts, Fleep, Workzone and Hive for their quick, direct communication. Externally, companies need to consider not only the efficiency of a messaging app with their customers but also the security of it. Customer communication should be simple, quick and encrypted, to guard against the scourge of identity theft. Here are some of the best secure messaging apps.

  1. Chatbots & CRM

Online customer support is shifting from people to chatbots and cloud-based CRM. Companies are finding incredible value in being able to answer frequently asked questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a conversational tone. Some chatbots are being used as the first line of service to help address customer issues, before passing the conversation to the cloud service center for additional help. A cloud-based service center allows customers to share pictures and data about their issues, and schedule an appointment with the right individual. This makes customer service representatives more productive by minimizing unnecessary conversations and reduces customer frustration because they are able to get the help they need more quickly.

  1. DRaaS

Downtime can be incredibly expensive for a company. Businesses that want to protect their data and minimize interruption of their services should consider utilizing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This service not only minimizes downtime, it quickly restores data so that disruption does not cost them irreplaceable files or information. This quick restoration of service helps keep businesses productive and generating revenue.

Businesses can make revolutionary productivity gains by implementing cloud-based technologies.

These technologies create more efficient collaboration than an office ever could through services like unified communications, video conferencing and messaging apps. Business disruption and data loss can be minimized through DRaaS. Chatbots and cloud-based CRM can create an efficient customer service process. Why not maximize the talent of a far-flung group of employees by providing tools to increase their productivity?


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