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Coach Carter – a Film Every Student Should Watch

Coach Carter – a Film Every Student Should Watch

‘Coach Carter’ is an American biographical sports drama film that was released in 2005. The movie is directed by Thomas Carter. It tells the story of Ken Carter who was the basketball teacher at Richmond High School. He suspended the school team because of poor academic results, and this story was widely discussed in the media, as well as within the education system as well. That was a rather bold statement even in the world of school basketball. 

Coach Carter has noticed that students are failing academically and has decided to dismiss the team explaining that they need to get a good education to be able to have a decent life. Even though students have a chance of becoming professional basketball players, the character of the movie is teaching us that holding a college, university or academy degree is of great importance as well.Watching this film will be very inspirational for every student. It is very fascinating to see how a group of athletes finally realizes the importance of studies and every single one of them pulls oneself together to get back on track. Surely, they were not happy about the dismissal of the team. A lot of them had tons of difficulties in academia and had to allocate twice as much time to get the task right, not to mention various family and personal problems. However, they have managed to turn their life around and achieve better academic results. The persona of a motivational coach played a vital role in this process as well. 

Coach Carter wanted them to get a decent education because it is the most obvious road to achieving success in life. When you grades are good, you have more chances to apply to college and be enrolled. Having got a degree, you will be able to land a well-paid job. Thus, you will not have to resort to selling drugs or working somewhere where you will be paid the bare minimum. 

In general, watching films is one students’ favorite activities. On the one hand, it is fun and there are lots of interesting movies to watch. However, it takes a lot of time, not to mention the fact that watching some films will not inspire or motivate you in any way. It is simply an option to pass time. Yet, you also need to write papers and submit them on time. If you spend all your time watching films, when are you going to deal with your academic writing assignments? 

On the other hand, there are lots of films that will motivate you to achieve more and to start following your dreams right away. ‘Coach Carter’ is one of such films. As soon as you are done watching it, you will realize how important education is in our life, as well as how lucky you are to be able to study at college. So, watching such films will be not only motivational, but also inspirational. In addition, allocating some time on the process of watching a film may actually bring you a more fruitful result than racking your brains on an academic writing task that you do not feel like completing. If that is the case with you, there is a really advantageous option on hand. You can address the accomplishment of the task to a reliable essay writing service quick and spend your free time watching an inspirational movie. Wondering where you can come across such quick essay writing service? There are lots of options available online. Simply google essay writing service quick and a lot of variants will come up. However, be careful when choosing which essay writing service quick to address your request to. Check out the website. Read a couple of reviews. Familiarize yourself with testimonials left by previous customers. If you have decided to get paper writing assistance, you obviously need to select the best quick essay writing service. Take your time, especially when you are not in a hurry. The most useful piece of advice when choosing an essay writing service quick is to see whether the company offers a money back guarantee, a plagiarism-free guarantee, as well as the option of getting a title page and a bibliography page for free. If there is an option of downloading the sample of a writer’s work, do not hesitate to do so. 

All in all, do not forget that taking breaks from the studying process is as important as studying hard. Besides, watching a motivational movie may turn out to be more educational in the long run than trying to understand the basics of a discipline the knowledge of which you are never going to apply. 


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