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Coffee Vs. Energy Drinks: What to Choose?

Coffee Vs. Energy Drinks: What to Choose?

More often than not, coffee and energy drinks are widely enjoyed for the same reasons, to leverage the benefits of caffeine. When in a slump, feeling tired or even when waking up, people will typically have to choose between the two to get their strength back up. While this might sound simple, your choice could mean a win or a loss for your body’s health.

Plenty of factors have to come into the picture when choosing your go-to drink. These will include the health benefits, scalability and even the cost factor. Coffee beats energy drinks in more than one of these aspects.

Here are a few reasons why you should make coffee your go-to drink:

Coffee Is Good For Weight Loss

In case you are on a weight loss regimen, then paying for a coffee subscription service should be a priority for you, as noted by Digital Exits. Unlike most energy drinks, coffee has no calories, which is a win for your weight loss goals. As a result, taking a cup of coffee will not mean struggling to lose the extra calories gained.

While there are energy drinks that are advertised as sugar-free, most might still have additional ingredients which can be detrimental to your health, let alone your weight loss goals. What further makes coffee great is that you can use it with other beneficial products such as milk for a healthier drink.

Coffee Is All Natural

Coffee tends to be more natural than energy drinks in terms of the ingredients in it. Although some of the store-bought coffee might contain some additional ingredients to help prolong its shelf life, the ratio of the ingredients to the coffee itself is quite small. Besides, you can opt to buy coffee beans and grind the coffee at home for an all-natural drink.

Coffee also comes bundled with vitamin B5 and B2, magnesium, potassium, and niacin depending on how the coffee was prepared and its type, according to Nutrition Data. On the other hand, energy drinks contain additional vitamins which might at times be tough for the body to digest. Besides, the energy drinks manufacturers often need to use artificial preservatives which can be harmful to your health.

Coffee Is Cost Effective

The relief and energy boost that you can get from either of the two is for only but a short while, and the effects might wear off with time. This means that you will typically need to take more caffeine for the extra boost. Generally speaking, coffee and energy drinks contain a relatively equal amount of caffeine.

The difference comes in where a single sachet of coffee can produce multiple cups of the drink while you will need to buy another energy drink once you are done with your current one. This means that you might actually spend more when depending on the latter for caffeine than the former.

Coffee Sugar Levels Can Be Monitored

Sugar is great when it comes to adding taste to your drinks, but too much of it can be toxic. Coffee gives you control over the amounts of sugar that you can enjoy in one sitting. On the other hand, energy drinks come with an already specified amount of sugar.

While some of the sugar levels in energy drinks are healthy, some drinks have it in excess. In fact, an article on cites some energy drinks that contain up to 16 teaspoons of sugar. Excessive consumption of such drinks could easily lead to you contracting lifestyle diseases like diabetes among others.

This is not to say that energy drinks do not have their perks to offer, because they actually do. However, when it comes to taking caffeine healthily and responsibly, coffee takes the day. Consider taking coffee for the extra energy boost to live a healthy life.


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