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Commercial Sanitation and Safety in Restaurants and Kitchens- An Overview by John Spach

Commercial Sanitation and Safety in Restaurants and Kitchens- An Overview by John Spach

Sanitization is a proactive and preventative strategy for limiting the transmission of SARS-CoV2. Since there is no foolproof way to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic, sanitization is crucial.

To avoid the risk of any virus infection, it’s crucial to keep the workplace safe. Bacteria can thrive on filthy surfaces and contaminate food. A sterile work surface does not always imply that it is sanitary. Before beginning to cook food, make sure the work area is clean and sanitized.

To reduce the incidences and overall rates of foodborne illnesses and outbreaks, proper food safety training is required. While several commercial restaurants should provide food handler workers with appropriate food safety training, this training is not offered or successful. 

Why Do You Need to Sanitize a Kitchen Explains John Spach

Sanitization is a practical solution to dealing with bacteria and pollution problems. The critical need for sanitization in the latest pandemic has paved the way for functional studies to address any potential health problem caused by the unpredictable transmission of disease. In the long term, sanitization as a field of interdisciplinary research requires a core focus. Before dealing with illness on a social scale, one should resolve disease transmission at the personal level. Individual sanitization aids in limiting the virus’s massive dissemination and preventing it from wreaking havoc on civilization as a whole.

You can do the cleaning regularly or once per move. Sanitizing high-contact areas should be performed more often, depending on the occupancy. Providing a sanitizing spray in bathrooms and asking each person who uses the toilet to spray any surfaces reached before leaving the bathroom is a realistic solution. Large public restrooms would necessitate ongoing janitorial services.

Tips for Preventing Foodborne Illness by Food Safety Practices-

  • By forcing workers to exercise proper hand hygiene, especially hand washing, you will go a long way toward preventing the spread of foodborne illness.
  • Any instruments or surfaces used in food processing or storage should be washed and sanitized daily. Food particles can quickly get stuck in narrow spaces such as counter seams, tile holes, or knives.
  • Both storage and packaging equipment that comes into contact with food must be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Even after you cook the food, there is a chance that contamination may occur, mainly if left out for an extended period. Be sure to keep food at the proper temperature and within the recommended amount of time.
  • You should carefully clean both fruits and vegetables to remove any bacteria or soil accumulated on them. Produce that is pre-packaged and labeled as pre-washed is the only exception. When in doubt, use clean, cold water and a vegetable brush.
  • To prevent food poisoning, ensure that raw beef, ground meat, poultry, fish, and seafood are cooked at the proper temperature.
  • Insects can bear germs, so leave them out of sinks, vents, and other damp kitchen areas.

By maintaining healthy food hygiene practices, you will protect your restaurant’s integrity while also reducing the spread of foodborne illnesses, said John Spach. Implementing systems to ensure that workers both avoid and respond correctly to food safety concerns should be vital in the food service operation.


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