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Common Issues Faced by College Students (And Ways to Resolve Them)

Common Issues Faced by College Students (And Ways to Resolve Them)

Most people describe college as being some of the best years of their lives. Though there is some truth to that, this time in a young adult’s life does not come without its fair share of issues. These problems, when not dealt with properly can lead to mental illness, medical problems, and a decline in studies. 

The key to overcoming these challenges is to first educate yourself on what they are and develop a healthy way to resolve them. Below is a brief look at the common issues faced by college students and the appropriate steps to resolve them. 

Meeting Expectations

Young adults entering college already have fears and anxieties about this transition on their own. Then, you add to that the expectations of their parents, family, friends, professors, and society, it becomes a lot to deal with. They become so consumed with trying to meet or exceed those expectations that they become stressed out or emotionally overwhelmed. 

If you’ve been stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed about the expectations others have set for you in college it’s time to let go. Start by realizing that you cannot please everyone and that this life is yours to live. Then, take a few minutes to write down some educational goals of your own. When you have a set of goals to focus on, you stop worrying about what others expect of you and dow what you believe to be best for yourself. 

Overextending Themselves

Another problem that college students face is overextending themselves. They’re trying to keep up with the course work, hold down a job to pay for everyday expenses, participate in college activities and groups, and socialize with their peers. For many students, it becomes too difficult to manage. To resolve the matter they essentially start self-medicating. They drink a ton of caffeine, use uppers to have late-night cram sessions, use downers to try and get some sleep, and abuse mental health medications as a means to numb their pain. 

If you feel so overextended that you’ve started self-medicating, the first thing you need to do is get help. You can talk with a campus counselor, seek outside counsel, or consider enrolling in Tampa FL rehab centers (or facilities located near your school). There you can get the treatment you need to beat your substance dependence or addiction. 

If you have not reached that point yet, but still feel overwhelmed by all you have going on, review your schedule and list things in order of importance. Things that you don’t have time for, remove them from your schedule. Things that are important to you, prioritize them and create a schedule that allows more balance in your life. If you need to work part-time or reduce your course load to reduce the stress, this is also an option to consider. 

Debt Management

Debt is a huge problem for college students. Though some receive help from their parents, scholarships, and grants, the cost of formal education can cost five figures or more. Even with student loans available, it is often not enough to cover everyday expenses. Students then have to get jobs that cut into their studies and adds to their burdens. Not to mention that only 6 months after graduating, all that money they borrowed will be due and it can take years to find an efficient job to cover the costs. 

College is expensive, but you can manage the expenses by developing a plan. Start by looking at all financial opportunities you have to lower your education costs. If you can apply for financial aid, enroll in a work-study program, buy your books used, cook in your dorms instead of eating out, and other savvy tips you can reduce college costs. Then, create a budget and use a mobile application to keep track of your bills and expenses. If you are in need of more money, look into opportunities online for college students to make money. 

These are not all the issues that college students face on a regular basis, but they are some of the biggest. It’s not easy making this transition into adulthood and there are so many outside factors that can trigger emotional overwhelm. The best way to get through college successfully is to address these problems head-on by coming up with an effective plan that works best for you. If you’re struggling and need assistance, don’t forget to utilize resources that can assist you like the campus counselor, a therapist, or a rehab center. 

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