Common Travel Insurance Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost

Common Travel Insurance Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost

Perhaps you have your trip tickets ready and your travel passport and holiday money in place too. Your preparations for a jolly adventure may fall through if, in the end, you make one or more travel insurance mistakes. Your camper van may be packed, and you feel ready for the trip. But your travel plan isn’t complete if you skimp on your travel insurance policies. So here’s a list of common mistakes many people make concerning their travel insurance. We will also provide ways by which you can avoid these mistakes.

1: Traveling without a travel insurance 

Have you ever wondered what would happen in the case you lose some of your valuables or even your bags when you travel? Trust us, it is a devastating affair! But once you’re on a travel insurance policy, then you can easily use your travel fund to replace your stolen or lost items.

A worse situation is where you require hospital care due to an accident. Some countries may refuse your standard care if you do not have evidence that you can sort the fees first. To prevent awkward moments like that, ensure you purchase a decent insurance policy for yourself and your belongings before your journey.

2: Paying excess on a single trip policy

Maybe you are a regular traveler, or you have many trips scheduled over the year, then subscribing to annual plans is the best thing. Yearly insurance policies will turn out to be cheaper than single trip policies when you do the calculations. This will also help to save you the stress of searching for an excellent insurance policy every time you have to make a trip.

3: Not planning for your insurance cost

Most people prepare for every dime spent on a trip. From each liter of fuel to buy and use, to other little contingencies. Yet, many travelers usually make the mistake of forgetting to plan for their insurance policy. Insurance costs are quite high, so don’t make it an afterthought. If you can’t afford a travel insurance policy, then take it like you also cannot afford a trip.

4: Not buying your travel insurance early enough 

When planning your trip, you can be overwhelmed in excitement and might not consider an insurance plan until the travel date is close. If you do this, then you’re making a colossal travel insurance mistake. Of course, you will also miss out on many benefits. So you should make sure to purchase a travel insurance policy simultaneously as you’re booking the trip. This will give you the advantage of cancellation cost cover, which standard insurance policy offers.

5: Not stipulating every destination in your insurance policy 

Some travel insurance policies specify a country, a region, or in some cases, a continent, like Europe. So include the countries you’ll be traveling to in your insurance policy. Perhaps you are going on a tour or world trip, then check the terms of your policy immediately you get the quote.

6: Making mistakes while filling the forms

 Getting details wrong while filling the insurance policy documents is another mistake some people make when it comes to their travel insurance policy. Always provide the correct information when you are purchasing your insurance policy and getting a quote. A simple error on your birthdate, name, or the travel dates may render your cover invalid. You wouldn’t want this at all.

7: Going off the limits of your policy

Most insurance policies cover some leisure and sports activities. These activities include kayaking, typical cycling, or diving. However, in these policies, the limits are usually specified. Some of the plans also include winter sports, while others require that you pay additional premiums. 

One of the mistakes you can make concerning your travel insurance is to think that your policy covers hiking at whatever altitude you like. Many standard insurance policies indicate the maximum hiking altitude to 2000 meters above sea level.

Everyone wants to have peace of mind while traveling. That is the whole point of getting a standard travel insurance policy. But you can still upgrade to much more specialized plans. Whatever you do, make sure you keep copies of your insurance policy in a safe place. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises when you need to make a claim.

According to TradeRisk, properly covering for your trip may not be something you can do by yourself without professional help. But once you can follow these tips and refrain from making the typical travel insurance mistakes in the list, then you can be sure of a smooth trip with no insurance worries.


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