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Communication & Awareness: How Your Perfect Brand Can Fall Before The Final Hurdle

Communication & Awareness: How Your Perfect Brand Can Fall Before The Final Hurdle

Building the perfect brand is only the first step on your business journey. Click here to find out why brand awareness is so important.

The process of building a brand can feel never-ending. Whilst constructing a brand may feel like the hardest part, it is actually what comes next that can really test the practicalities and patience of a business. There are three main steps.

  • Building the brand
  • Creating awareness for the brand
  • Maintaining and improving the brand

It is appropriate that creating awareness is in the middle of those three steps. It is, in many aspects, the meat of the sandwich. You can go to great efforts to create the best brand in the world, but if the public is not made aware of the brand, then it will undoubtedly be a failure. There will be no reason for step one, and no transition into step three if step two is not achieved.

So How Do You Create Awareness?

The first thing you need to do to build awareness is to make your brand more than just a product or a service. You want people to be aware of your company as a whole; its values, its policies and its message. This starts with keeping information about you positive and secure. Sites like Percepto management reputation can help with this, as they aim to keep your reputation positive and easily recognisable among your competitors.

Onwards from here, you can start to plug your brand through SEO infused blogs and editorials. Look at gaining some exposure on guest blog sites. Research publications that are prevalent within your industry, and then come up with some unique and interesting blog posts that can help to spread the message and direct people towards your brand.

Word Of Mouth Is Crucial For Success

Once you have established your reputation and introduced people to your brand, you must then incentivise those same people to invest in it. Of course, if you have created a successful “step one”, then you know the target audience introduced to the brand will surely want to become involved with it. But you need to give them a reason to create even more awareness. Word of mouth is the perfect marketing tool to attain more customers.

Creating a referral plan can, in many ways, be a more successful marketing tool than advertisements or blog spots. After all, people are less inclined to trust ads that have appeared randomly on their computer screen, potentially catered towards them due to the obtrusive means of gathering data. Instead, they would far sooner trust in their friends and their family. If you create an incentive for a customer to spread the word (for instance, offering customers 20% off a purchase when they refer a friend), then you are far more likely to gain more traction in the amount of new customers coming to you.

Be Inventive And Keep The Conversation Going

It’s important to remember that brand awareness is not just a step to take before maintaining and improving a brand. This is an ongoing step that should last the entirety of your brand’s lifespan. If you keep communicating, advertising and incentivising, then the awareness of your brand will only grow. Be inventive and ensure to keep the conversation going.


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