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Compare Health Insurance On Quotezone Now!Compare Health Insurance On Quotezone Now!

Compare Health Insurance On Quotezone Now!Compare Health Insurance On Quotezone Now!

The UK is an incredibly fortunate country. thanks to the NHS, almost all UK residents get free healthcare. Increasingly, though, people are looking to private medical insurance policies as an add-on. If you’re one of the many, you’ll want to compare health insurance on Quotezone before you purchase a policy.

Wonder why you would need private medical insurance when NHS covers virtually everything? There are actually a few reasons why you might want to have private healthcare insurance, and, as it turns out, a fair number of UK residents have invested in private coverage. The last estimate in 2017 was 12.4% of the population. So what does private insurance cover, what does it not cover, and when should you get it?

What It Covers

 Many UK residents aren’t quite aware of all of the things private medical insurance covers, mainly because they have never had to use it. In general, basic private medical insurance will cover the cost of much of the same things that the free healthcare covers. It covers in-patient treatments, day-care surgery and visits to your doctors. While some policies will cover outpatient treatments to specialists or consultants offices, others do not. This is why, if you’re contemplating getting private medical insurance, you should compare health insurance on Quotezone. There you will easily be able to see what types of things are covered and what types of things are not.

What’s Not Covered

 Private treatment for significant procedures, like organ transplants, pregnancy and childbirth costs, cosmetic surgery used to improve appearance, pre-existing medical conditions, and chronic illnesses like HIV or diabetes aren’t often covered. If you do your research you’ll discover that some of the insurance policies do cover some of these conditions, but it’s a good idea to speak with your insurance sales person to see what you can have for coverage, especially if you want insurance that covers mental health issues.

Why Get It?

So, if you get free healthcare from the NHS, why would you need to sign up for private health insurance? One reason many do is because they opt not to wait for the NHS treatment. While emergency treatment is covered and fast under the NHS care, receiving treatment for regular or chronic conditions can take a long time. The standards for waiting times include a 12 week waiting time for new outpatient appointments and a 6 week waiting time for diagnostic tests. Also there is an 18 week waiting time standard to receive a referral for treatment. While many patients are seen sooner than these waiting times, some are not. If you don’t want to wait to be treated, and if you prefer to use a private hospital, you should definitely compare health insurance on Quotezone and look into getting private medical insurance. The costs may seem high at first but once you discover the freedom that you get from having your own private insurance, you may find that the cost is negligible compared to the better level of service it affords you.


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