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Comparing WP-Engine vs BlueHost – Shared Hosting and WordPress Website Hosting

Comparing WP-Engine vs BlueHost – Shared Hosting and WordPress Website Hosting

Two of the most prominent hosting sites out there for WordPress and other hosting methods became the most popular recently, and because of this, we’re going to look at them and see just what the comparison between the giants known as BlueHost and WordPress (also known as WP-Engine) offer for hosting. Here is the WP-Engine and BlueHost comparison– Pitting shared hosting and WordPress website hosting against each other.

Some Major Differences

There are major differences that make these two power houses for hosting great, so we’ll give you a comparison and let you decide which is the better alternative.

  1. Money-Back Guarantees: WordPress
    While BlueHost does allow the typical 30-day refund option where you can cancel your membership anytime within that 30 days, WordPress wins with their guaranteed refund of 60 days.
  2. Admin Panels Vary Greatly: Winner BlueHost
    BlueHost uses cPanel, one of the most widely used platforms, while WordPress uses their own admin panel that’s more suited for blogging and advanced building.
  3. Payment Plans: BlueHost
    Both plans have yearly billing, but even the lowest plans offer more features on BlueHost as compared to WordPress. What’s even better? You can have a managed WordPress added, or customize your own with a custom installation of WordPress yourself, which leads to our next feature.
  4. Flexibility: BlueHost
    Of course a dedicated web-host is going to offer more flexibility. You don’t have to just have a WordPress; with shared hosting you can literally do anything you want to your hosting plan. Or you can always go one step up and get a VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated hosting for even more flexibility.
  5. Ease of Use: WordPress
    WordPress takes a little bit of getting used to, but since it’s been the mainstream platform for websites in the last few years, it’s pretty easy. Not only that, but WordPress has faster page loading speeds, more uptime, and they are a little more expensive, but still great nonetheless. 

The True Winner

While there isn’t really a winner, it comes down to this – what are you looking for in web hosting? If you’re looking to be a blogger, freelancer, or even just an average web designer with easy features, then you’ll want to choose something like WordPress (or put it on your BlueHost for free). You may not get as many WP-Engine premium features, but if you’re not needing a multisite installed, then you should be fine. Not only this, WordPress itself doesn’t necessarily need to be hosted on a server, and is free to download and install onto your own server with a little bit of technical savvy work.

Our recommendation would be WordPress when it comes to having simplified page editing and hosting, however if you’re needing the more flexible design that allows you more file storage space and an extensive amount of freedom with what you can do (you get even more flexibility with a downloaded and manual install of WordPress). 

Not only that, but it also goes with what you want for your business or personal needs. If you’re blogging, it’s probably likely that you will still want to get hosting on WP-Hosting, which even has free options available if you’re wanting to just tinker with it and share that it’s WordPress Powered, etc.

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