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Comparium-review about Cross-Browsing Web Testing

Comparium-review about Cross-Browsing Web Testing

Cross-browser web testing is the verification procedure done online. It tests whether your website is working as expected across different browsers and operating systems. For that, there are many tools online available online; one such is the screenshot web testing procedure through Comparium. 

But its best you know the primary benefits of live screenshots when you want to have the best cross-browser web testing experience.

  • Select Multiple Browsers

A screenshot that conveys your website is running smoothly over more than a couple of highly used browsers is an excellent way to start this testing. Through this screenshot feature by Comparium, your precious time is utilized the way it should be.

Or else, this screenshot tool brings forward the disparity between applications at once. Then you can decide what amendments and edits are to be followed by the programmers developing the website.

  • Select/Deselect The Operating Systems Of Your Choice

This screenshot web testing tool has multiple options for different operating systems. We are sure that if you developed an application or a website, you want to know how can readers, users, or end-users use it for their benefit.

For that, getting an idea about a particular operating system usability gives you clarity. The screenshots will let you witness if the website is appearing as expected or not.

In short, you can either select multiple operating system usability together or check the only operating system like Android or iOS for their users’ interface experience. Finally, this set of options targets your audience better.

  • Save The Online Link Of The Screenshots

You don’t need to save the screenshot separately. While you are conducting this crow-browsing web testing, use point and click methods to complete the job. 

Later on, Comparium creates a URL for these screenshots. This you can share with the interested parties, instead of mailing them images simultaneously.

  • All Screenshots Are Saved Under One URL

To increase your efficiency and validate the user interface promptly, the screenshot web testing tool by Comparium generates all the needed screenshots under one URL.

Forward this URL to your programmers or seniors to validate the results of the website design. This enables your stakeholders to verify their needs faster. At one glance, the viewer can see all the selected screenshots like a slideshow.

It makes the comparison between different operating systems and browsers easier, reliable, and quicker.

  • Research New Webpages Without Refreshing

When you want to conduct ongoing research, then you get to add a variety of screens on the spot. There’s no need to go back to the pervious page. There’s a URL option on the screenshot page. You can keep adding new URLs to test them across different screens.

  • Conduct Enriching Verification For Your Website Designs

This web testing tool that Comparium has to offer is not only limited to operating systems and browsers. This whole verification procedure takes one step extra while taking live screenshots of the old and latest versions of selected browsers.

So, your web designs not only target new and latest models but those users too who have not upgraded their web browsers. It increases the traffic on your website, once the designs are all finalized.

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