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Consider These 3 Things Before Getting a Tattoo

Consider These 3 Things Before Getting a Tattoo

One of the most exciting things you can do is get a tattoo that you absolutely love. Yes, it may seem kind of weird to categorize this as ‘exciting’, truth be told though – if you get a tattoo you love, very little compares with it. The entire process of getting a tattoo is something that is addicting, and one of the beautiful things about the world of tattoos is that it is diverse, colorful, and full of stories. 

Some people get deeply meaningful tattoos, inspired by real-life experience and meticulously designed and painfully planned out over long extents of time. Others get a tattoo as a form of self-love from time to time and there may not be any meaning past a design they thought was cool. Regardless of what kind of person you are or what kind of tattoo you are getting, be it planned or spontaneous, there are certain considerations you will be happy you took into account when it comes to getting new ink. 

Getting a tattoo is an awesome experience and brings a whole new level of self-realization and expression to your personhood, but they are also permanent. While there is very little that can compare with an awesome tattoo that you are proud of – the same goes for one you may regret. Tattoos are expensive, time-consuming, painful to get, and even more painful to remove.

So, whether you are adding to the existing collection of tats, or you are getting your very first one, here are three things to consider before getting a tattoo! 

1: There’s No Going Back

The first thing to really take into consideration is that tattoos are permanent. Now, if you are a spontaneous person who values memories made with friends and family on the fly – you probably won’t be too phased by this. A tattoo can be a monument to your spontaneous nature, and if it’s a design you absolutely love, then you can proudly display this part of your personality on your skin.

That being said, no one ever regretted, even in the most spontaneous situations, taking a little bit of time to really think through it. There are a lot of things to think about, and one of them is that you will age. The permanence of a tattoo means that it will grow old with you. With the right tattoo, this is an exciting element of getting fresh ink because it’s something you can be proud of for decades to come. With the wrong tattoo and placement, you may be at peace with it in your twenties, but what about your forties or fifties? 

Take a little time to look at the longevity of your tattoo choice, because there is no going back! So get something you’ll love for years to come! 

2: Tattoos Are Painful

This probably goes without saying, however, if you are a first-timer then you need to know – tattoos are painful! Not only are they painful while you are under the needle, but they are also painful to heal. When you get a tattoo, you essentially have an open wound for a prolonged duration of time. While tattoos are considered to be safe and easy to heal from, you want to be sure you trust the establishment you get them from.

The process of getting a tattoo creates a risk of infection, and it’s important that the tattoo parlor of your choice is up to standard on cleanliness and uses sterile equipment. The placement of the tattoo will have a large bearing on how much pain you experience from your tattoo. Anywhere there is less flesh and more bone-to-skin contact will typically have a higher pain signature. So a hand, foot, or rib tattoo will hurt more than a thigh tattoo – however, they all have a decent amount of pain. 

Before getting your tattoo, consider using a numbing cream for tattoos. These kinds of creams are safe for your tattoo and have natural ingredients that help numb nerve endings in the applied region so that you don’t have to deal with the full force of the pain. Tattoo-numbing creams can be a huge benefit for anyone getting a tattoo in overly sensitive areas.

3: Consider Recovery

Recovery from a tattoo can take up to two weeks, and your body is sore and healing during that time. So planning out your recovery time is a crucial part of getting a tattoo responsibly. It’s not participating in activities like hiking, camping, or any kind of physical sporting event directly after getting a tattoo. Your tattoo will need adequate time to heal properly so that you can not only avoid infection but also maintain a good-looking tattoo! 

When it comes to getting a tattoo, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, but none of these should hold you back from getting the ink you want. Getting a tattoo can be a wonderfully liberating and empowering experience. Not only is it addicting to get beautiful artwork inked on your body, but it’s a powerful and satisfying way of exhibiting self-expression.


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