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Content Shared On Instagram More Than Once May Go Viral In Social Media

Content Shared On Instagram More Than Once May Go Viral In Social Media

In social media, content is king! Therefore, you will not only need to create the best content but will also have to share it with the other followers and even across different social media channels at the right time. 

It was not long ago, writers had to wait endlessly before they saw their content liked by the people. Sometimes this wait can be for a month long or even more and add to that it required the precise social promotion strategy to implement.

However, with the help of Instagram and other visual channels which you can easily integrate with your social media marketing campaigns, this is not the case anymore. With a large fan base of nearly a billion all over the world, Instagram will take you in front of millions in a flash. You can post any relevant pictures and videos on this popular and highly effective platform and see any of the following reach out to a larger set of audience:

  • Your brand
  • Business
  • Product or services 
  • Content and 
  • Posts.

What’s more, your content can go viral on social media if you share it for more than once in Instagram, or any other visual channel for that matter, just like you see in Stormlikes and other similar sites. 

Keep things simple

All you have to do is keep things pretty simple. This is ideally the primary requirement to make your content successful. A simple content is:

  • More effective
  • Easy to understand for the readers
  • It looks uncluttered 
  • Brief and to the point
  • It helps to find solutions easily and most importantly
  • It keeps the readers engaged.

It is not hard to create such a content because you will need to follow a few basic principles while creating a content such as:

  • You will need to stick to your business objective and goals so that you do not deviate from your track at any point within your content
  • Make sure that the topic, subject and the matter that you put into the content is intuitive, informative 
  • Add a few extra elements such as images, videos, infographics, graphs and animations and even emojis and emoticons to make your content more attractive and interesting to read on and
  • Make sure that every element that you include in it aligns with your business goals, the message you want to convey and aligns perfectly with your brand, product and reputation.

All it means is that you will have to be a bit strategic in your approach and follow a proper plan to proceed with creating the content for your Instagram post.

Reasons to be simple in approach

When you follow this approach while creating the content for your Instagram posts, it will not only save you a lot of time and effort but will also eliminate the chances of any flaws or lacunas in the design.  

  • Since people does not have and will not allow you more than a couple of seconds time to grab their attention, a simple looking yet a meaningful content will do wonders for you and your brand.
  • It will also reach to a larger audience not only because you post it at the right time but due to its simplicity. People like simple contents that will tell them everything in just a few simple and easy to understand words, and pictures speak a thousand words! If they like it, they will share it with their friends, family and other Instagram followers. In short, they will be your voluntary brand ambassadors, in a way.

Your simplicity will win the trust of the users who will deduce that you are equally good in your job and with your product or services. This high level of trust will result in:

  • Higher rate of engagement
  • Instant better and proper interaction
  • An increase in the number of followers with more likes, comments and sharing
  • Rise in traffic to the website and 
  • Eventually a rise in sales prospects and business revenue.  

Simple and meaningful content will therefore bet the best, highly productive and result-driven. It will provide you with the highest return on your investment of time, effort and money.

Post when audience is active

You must also schedule your posts strategically in order to ensure that you content goes viral. Ideally, the best chances of being seen on social media platform and Instagram is to post your content when the audience is live and active. This means that your posts will be seen as soon as it goes live and your message will be conveyed instantly resulting in an increased chance of making a purchase decision.

In order to know when exactly you should post your contents you will need to:

  • Research on your audience to know when is the time they are most active and what are their preferences and likings with the help of different research and Instagram Analytical tools and 
  • Schedule your posts with the help of the post scheduling tools so that the posts go live automatically at the predetermined time ensuring a greater and better reach out.

Once you know that your posts are selected and created properly, is scheduled to go live at the exact time you and your audiences prefer, you should focus on reposting these contents more than once. 

Ideally, you should repeat your content at least once thirty days later. This will ensure that:

  • Not a single person misses out on the offer or information you want to provide to them and 
  • You have a larger reach out expanding the chances of your content to go viral. 

Reposting a content more than once is also important because there is a high possibility that the first post will be relatively unnoticed. However, a second one that you post after a full month will surely take off. It will not only result in an increased interest among the regular readers but will also reach out to people beyond that. All you need is a structured system and post across all different social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others for an increased chance to go viral.

Author bio

Louis Haines is a content editor and copywriter working freelance for different companies. You can follow her Twitter account or visit stormlikes to see some killer social media and content marketing strategies. 


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