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Convert Visitors into Paying Customers by Adding the Right Components to Your Local Business Service Page

Convert Visitors into Paying Customers by Adding the Right Components to Your Local Business Service Page

If you own a local service business, it’s often necessary to build a website for your company if you plan to compete with other rivals in your industry. Not only do you need a landing page telling everyone about your amazing business, you also need a service page that highlights specific details telling precisely what you can do for your customers.


Some people have a tough time getting their service page right, and this shouldn’t come as a major surprise to anyone. Believe it or not, there are more components to an effective service page than you might think, and we’d like to share the truth with you today.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at effective service page components below. We’ll provide a brief explanation about them as well and tell you why we feel they belong on this particular page of your website. If you still need an expert hand, you can contact a professional agency such as Eric Strate SEO.

  1. Highlight the Services Offered by Your Business

This should be the most obvious component to everyone reading this, but it’s important that you get this part of the process right. Just babbling on about the different services you offer in an incoherent way isn’t going to impress any of your potential customers. In fact, it will more than likely scare them away because they won’t be able to make heads or tails of the unfocused gibberish on your page.

When discussing your services on the service page, make sure you’re most important and expensive services really stand out. Also, instead of writing in paragraphs describing each service, we highly recommend you write about the services you provide in a bulleted list by sharing short, to the point sentences about each individual service.

As an example, if you own a local plumbing company in your community of Los Angeles, California, we recommend discussing your services in the following manner:

  • Pipe repair including sealing leakage, composite wraps, hot taps, line plugging, etc.
  • Hot water heater repair and installation.
  • Boiler repair and installation.
  • Drain stoppages and cleaning.
  • Sewer jet cleaning and camera inspections.
  • Leak repair and detection.
  • Backflow testing, repair, and installation.
  • 24/7 emergency services.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Credit cards accepted.

As you can see, we added a few other important tidbits to the service page including 24/7 emergency services, being fully licensed and insured, and letting customers know that credit cards are accepted at your establishment. By adding these additional items, it lets your customers know that you are flexible, covered in case of an accident, and capable of taking more than just cash payments.

  1. Share Your Full Address, Phone Number, and Email Address on the Service Page

Local business owners need to make it very simple for customers to contact them as soon as their hiring decision has been made. Instead of making your customer dig through your website to find your address, phone number, and email address, you should prominently display this information directly on your service page. Put it right under the area where you highlighted your services.


Why is this important? It’s important because you don’t want to distract your customers for any reason whatsoever. Sure, you could also set up a contact page with all this information readily available on it, but you’ll save your customer time by having it available on the service page for them as well. Plus, they won’t need to click over to a different page hoping to find the information needed to contact you.

  1. Share Customer Testimonials on Your Service Page

Most local business owners fail to take this step, because they do not realize the value of social proof. Sure, your website may have a page dedicated to highlighting customer testimonials, but it’s kind of pointless if nobody ever clicks over to read them or watch the video testimonials.

Why take a chance? Instead, you can add written or video testimonials directly to your service page. Since the majority of your potential customers are already visiting this page on a regular basis, add them below the services and contact information and have them available in plain sight for all to see.

By approaching testimonials this way, you’ll make it simple for potential customers to see just how happy your previous customers were with the services you’ve provided. They’ll be able to read the testimonials highlighted on this page or even watch a quick video or two. If you are providing excellent services for your customers, they will gladly speak highly of your business in the form of testimonials, so add them to the service page and make sure your entire local community has a chance to read or watch them.

  1. Include Driving Directions & an Embedded Google Map

Last but certainly not least, we highly recommend adding driving directions from multiple points of interest at the bottom of your service page. While you’re at it, make it even easier for your customers to find you by adding an embedded Google map to the page as well.

By going out of your way to give your customers directions, they’ll have no trouble finding your office in the local community if they don’t know where it is already. They’ll be able to stop in at any time to discuss their needs with you and you’ll be readily available to provide insight, recommendations, and you’ll feel good about yourself knowing you’re helping a member of the local community.

While your potential customer is visiting your office, you can also offer to give them a free consultation and estimate for their upcoming job. By going out of your way to provide an estimate and free consultation, your potential customer will realize that you’re serious about your business, you’re ready to help them at a moment’s notice, and they’ll feel confident knowing that you’re the right company for the job.

Nobody ever said creating an effective service page was going to be easy. But if you add these components to yours, you’ll have an easier time converting readers into honest-to-goodness paying customers. So give it a try and watch your conversion rates soar. Also, if you’re having a tough time getting your Google rankings back after an unexpected update, you can find more info here about rank recovery.



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