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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Leading Dental Care Institutions

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Leading Dental Care Institutions

You will always wish to have something or someone that makes you feel good about yourself even when you do not feel that goodness. This is the reason what cosmetic dentistry and other surgical procedures do. You will have an enhanced look that will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Who wouldn’t like that or beautiful smiles as a result of beautiful work done on your teeth?

Dentists have devised the following procedures to help restore the beautiful smiles improving self-confidence:

Dental whitening

This is a procedure that is carried out to make teeth whiter painlessly. White teeth are beautiful. If you are self-conscious about the color of your teeth, colored or not, teeth whitening will help you gain your confidence. Peroxides, whitening lasers and toothpastes/ mouthwashes will be used to whiten your teeth. There also are whitening strips and custom trays used in whitening.

Silver filling

To protect your teeth from external damage and bacterial activity, silver fillings will be used. The protected teeth will be safe from acid and biological activities of bacteria. The silver fillings are long lasting and they also serve to cover up holes in your tooth, if there is any.


Veneers are made, acrylic or even porcelain. The veneers have been designed such that they will cover the front surface of a tooth just like false fingernails cover and fit over your real nails.

Veneers are dental cosmetological additions by an Aurora co dentist or any other dentist that are used to improve the color, position and shape of your teeth. A single discolored tooth can be rectified using a veneer. You can also have veneers to cover chipped teeth and they provide the best alternative to braces.

Dental implants

Did you lose a tooth to an accident? Is the lack of the tooth affecting your appearance and lowering your confidence? If so, then you shouldn’t worry any more. You can have dental implants to fill in the gap created.

Even when not caused by accidents, tooth loss to decal will be replaced best through dental implants. The replaced tooth roots will provide a strong foundation for your teeth. The benefits of tooth implants include improved appearance, comfort and self-esteem.

Dental bridges

This cosmetic dentistry will be undertaken to bridge that gap created by one or more missing teeth. The bridge will be made of two or more crowns on the sides of the gap. The anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth and the false teeth used; pontics. The pontics are made of gold, porcelain or alloys. Natural teeth or implants will support the bridges. Eventually, you will have a beautiful smile restored and your facial appearance maintained or enhanced.

In conclusion, cosmetic dentistry procedures are basically heaven sent to persons with dental problems. Even when you have good dentition, an accident could happen and the above procedures will help in restoring your beauty and smile. People are very conscious about their appearance and with imperfect teeth, your self-image could be impaired. Talk to your dentist for a suitable cosmetic procedure to enhance your smile and self-image.

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Jenifer Wayans is an Aurora co-dentist with vast experience in cosmetic dentistry. She also likes travelling and reading. She is one of the best pediatric dentists and you can check her LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to learn more and even book an appointment.





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