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Cosmetic procedures that enhance the aesthetic beauty of the body for creating impressive looks

Cosmetic procedures that enhance the aesthetic beauty of the body for creating impressive looks

Individual wellness and wellbeing depend significantly on how each one feels about own bodies and looks. Everyone wants to look most presentable by developing a confident and pleasant personality that originates from a well-maintained and shaped body that looks highly attractive. People who are conscious about individual appearance do everything to maintain proper body aesthetics by exercising and following proper diet but still might not be happy with the results. Despite remaining healthy, some people yearn for the perfect body that displays the lean muscular structure in all its splendour by removing unwanted fat from the body. Such individuals can consult Dr Preema London known to perform various body aesthetic improvement procedures.

When should one consider body contouring?

When diet and exercises reach a plateau stage, and no further improvement happens, it is time to think about some cosmetic improvement procedures like body contouring to remove excess fat from some specific areas of the body. The need for body contouring is most felt after massive weight loss when the muscles then get loose and the skin starts sagging. Some cosmetic surgical techniques help remove excess fat from some targeted areas while tightening the skin to give proper shape to the body that looks lean and attractive.  

Body contouring involves several cosmetic improvement procedures. The cosmetic surgeon can evaluate the type of procedures you need to create a tailor-made body that looks highly attractive.

 Here are some standard body contouring procedures popular among people who desire to create a well-shaped body.

  • Tummy tuck

The cosmetic surgeon typically advises abdominoplasty to remove excess belly fat, better known as the tummy tuck. The procedure helps to elongate and reposition the muscles after removing fat and tightens the skin to create a toned and tight profile of the abdomen. For those willing to lose excessive weight, the surgeon would extend the incision for removing the excess skin from the back to perform the procedure of circumferential abdominoplasty. 

A panniculectomy is a more reconstructive procedure that removes skin and tissues from the sagging skin only. To maintain the right proportion of the abdominal features, the surgeon would recommend the process and liposuction.

  • Liposuction

Liposuction is the chosen procedure to remove stubborn fat from the buttocks, thighs, or hips. Surgeons usually complement the process with other skin tightening approaches as liposuction does not take care of excess skin generated from fat removal. A buttock lift aims to reduce both fat and skin, but for improving the shape of the thighs by the procedure of thigh lift, the focus is on tightening the skin and tissue in the outer, inner, and front of the thighs.

  • Overall body lift

An overall body lift removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from all the susceptible areas of the body and improves cellulite. The procedure can reshape the upper or lower body as desired. An upper lift aims to shape the arms, back, and breast, while the lower charge shapes the belly, hips, buttock, and thighs.

Although one might have some procedures in mind, only the surgeon can advise what is best for the body. Getting a perfect body is a dream for many and specialized cosmetic surgeons help turn that dream into reality. 

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