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Cost And Value Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cost And Value Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry when applied to a broken, stained, misshapen teeth, gives such teeth a better smile. Cosmetic dentistry helps improves and enhances one’s smile, as well as oral functions like eating and speaking. It is a fast-developing field of dentistry with an increase in improved new techniques. Because of the advanced technology used, cosmetic dentistry applications are mostly not cheap. 

Most people are concerned with how much it will cost them to have cosmetic dentistry. Meanwhile, cost varies depending on various factors, which are;

•           Dentist in charge of treatment – A dentist who is well trained and with an excellent skill that yields quality results will charge more than a dentist who is not well trained and less experienced. Thereby, lacking the required skill needed for a good performance.

•           Duration of treatment – If the treatment requires a duration of one month or more, it will be more expensive than regular treatments that last for a shorter period. Also, because more technique is used, it is usually more expensive.

•           The clinic used – A clinic well known for quality work done, mostly use upgraded technology for their work. Due to professional dentists present at the clinic and also expensive facilities that are used, the more money is charged than when you visit clinics with lots of non-expertise.

•           Location – A clinic located at a central axis in an area or among people of high income will charge more than a clinic located at a remote area or low-income earners.

•           If a clinic service includes “aftercare”, by checking up on your progress. Then, the cost charged will be increased, plus the amount charged for the maintenance sessions.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry         

1.         Teeth Whitening

This is one of the simplest and less expensive methods that can be applied for cosmetic dentistry. This can be either done in your dentist’s office or at home. In offices, it involves bleaching of teeth with products used for dental available at the office. If you want to whiten your teeth at home, you can get products needed at an over the counter stand in a retail store. Some of the products that can be purchased include rinses, toothpaste, and white strips.

2.         Dental implants

They are titanium replacement teeth fixed into the bone of a damaged tooth.

3.         Indirect fillings

They are also called inlays and Onlays. Fillings made from gold or porcelain are molded to replace damaged or decayed teeth. The molded filling is called an “inlay” when the filling is attached at the center of a tooth. When the filling covers one or more joints of the tooth, it’s called an “outlay”.

4.         Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers

Dental veneers are usually custom made, and it covers the front portion of the teeth. After the removal of enamel present on the tooth surface, the customized shells are then attached to the front of the teeth. This helps improve the teeth shape, color, and size. However, they are mostly called “Hollywood’s teeth”.

5.         Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a lasting plastic material that is like resin and colored. The material is bonded to the tooth by hardening with ultraviolet light. Which then brightens and polishes the teeth.

6.         Dental Crown

This is also known as a cap. It can be made from metal, resin or ceramic. When used, it replaces the whole damaged or decayed tooth above the gum line. It restores the shape, appearance, and strength of a weak tooth by preventing it from breaking.

Cosmetic dentistry value

 Value is defined as the usefulness, worth or importance of an obtained material to the possessor. If the value received is greater than the cost, then it’s definitely worth it.

Many patients have hesitated in getting implants and cosmetic dentistry when necessary due to their costs. However, these treatments may cost some amount of money, but the value gotten is usually more than the money spent. They usually have a higher long term effect by keeping the teeth healthy and strong and also brightening a person’s smile. Rather than focusing on the cost of dental dentistry, it should be noted that an unfixed decayed or the damaged tooth will cause difficulty when eating, and also low self-esteem and embarrassment when talking. Having cosmetic dentistry when needed gives you comfort and confidence by boosting your Character and personality.

Various ways by which people pay for cosmetic dentistry service;

1.         Dental Insurance

A lot of people take dental insurance but don’t pay attention to its exclusions. Dental insurance mostly doesn’t cover for aesthetic treatment. Only when it is needed for social, medical or psychological well being.

2.         Private treatment

A lot of patients undergo cosmetic dentistry by paying themselves. Either by personal savings, obtaining a loan or some finance scheme organized by their dentist.

3.         Dental Holiday

This choice is becoming popular for patients who are restricted due to the high price list. They travel to countries with clinics that offer cheaper service. However, this should be considered carefully. You should not get carried away by attractive websites. Be sure to research well about the clinic and dentist proficiency. Numerate on the extra cost you might likely spend if the treatment does not go well, and its effect on the teeth. 

However, taking a break with dental treatment is sometimes used by people who can afford the high price. The feeling of not having to wait for the long queue before getting treated is sometimes fascinating. Clinics offer a special package for patients who would like to be treated alongside their tourist stay.

4.         Finance Scheme

Most clinics offer separate finance schemes. This can be paid for, by obtaining an interest-free loan, which is paid back by monthly installments. In this case, the loan gets approved by the clinic and not the bank manager. Many clinics offer loans with no interest for a duration of 12 months. But in some cases where your treatment will last for a longer period, the loan is given regardless. Although, it may come with a small amount of interest.


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