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CostCertified – Come Up with the Best Construction Cost Estimates with This

CostCertified – Come Up with the Best Construction Cost Estimates with This

A significant challenge for construction companies is to manage projects with unique requirements and features, be they residential or commercial remodeling. However, all construction work has the same main elements: scope, schedule, and budget. Thus, the accuracy of the cost estimation process determines whether or not a project will run smoothly.

All construction projects benefit from thoughtful, deliberate processes. It takes good judgment and planning to get the best results; otherwise, you’re setting yourself to fail. A good understanding of the construction process is necessary to properly understand the cost estimation process. The following steps provide a guideline for ensuring your project comes in on time and under budget.

Finalize the Basis for Estimating

First, the parties involved and their manager must agree on the project’s cost estimation. The estimation process is begun by having the estimator create a new project to track the information derived from previous projects. The estimator must obtain the project’s requirements and stipulations and any documentation about similar projects to create cost estimates for this project.

The scope level for each project depends on the project type, complexity, scale of design, and funding goals. Every assumption and stipulation must be clearly outlined and documented for residential or commercial remodeling. The estimator adds more information, giving a traceable history for each estimate made.

Then, Prepare the Base Estimate

Basic estimates are just that, basic. They cover all of the estimated costs of a project without anticipating future escalations. These estimates are often calculated depending on different techniques, such as scope detail, size, and complexity. Conversely, detailed estimates vary depending on the project’s development stage, and they usually come into play once more details emerge and the design progresses.

For example, construction material costs come into light as the construction takes shape and after the design develops. Bringing new details to light can alter an estimate. The critical inputs for this step are scope details, inflation rates, material take-offs and calculations, unit cost databases, and market conditions.

Before Proceeding, Review the Base Estimate

To ensure that an estimate of costs is accurate, a detailed review of the assumptions and calculations is required. The study includes providing that all cost items are included in the forecast and that no items are double-counted. In addition, the estimator must apply the location and productivity factors and check indirect and overhead costs with direct costs as the basis. After all of this, a detailed review of the assumptions and calculations is required to ensure that an estimate of costs is accurate.

Prepare for Risks and Contingencies

Risks and contingencies should be identified as an integral part of project planning. Risk management is always an ongoing process for maximizing the possibilities of opportunities and minimizing the probabilities of threats. Furthermore, the estimator needs to include the cost impacts of hazards in the total project costs.

Ready a Communication Strategy

Communication approaches help determine what information should be shared, who should receive that information, and what information channels can be used to get the messages across. This is just as crucial as figures in ensuring project success, and information is an effective way to use knowledge to ensure success in a residential or commercial remodeling project.

Do all of these sound overwhelming? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. CostCertified is a software designed for residential and commercial remodeling projects that forecasts accurate estimates so your customers interact with them in real-time. Book your demo right now!


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