Could Mercury in Retrograde Signaled What is Going On?

Could Mercury in Retrograde Signaled What is Going On?

Mercury in retrograde began on February 18 and lasted until March 9 in Aquarius. Mercury retrogrades 3 times in 2020 and lasts for about 3 weeks at a time. Next will be June 19 – July 11 and finally October 16 – November 2.

Retrogrades throw things off, and with Aquarius it is offbeat, rebellious and unconventional. We now are getting changes and mostly ones we do not want feeling isolated and alone.

Hope feels forlorn and insecurity is high. Use this time for a personal reset. Think of it as a forced vacation where you can catch up on sleep, write that novel you’ve always wanted and get centered.

As always each sign will feel this shift differently.

Aries: Let go and let God. Stop holding onto the past, because the future could just outshine all your wildest dreams.

Taurus: What is it you want? Start making new goals based on what is in your heart, but first you have to let that heart out of the cage you built.

Gemini: If you see it, you can create it. Keep your dreams realistic, but go for the gusto, but remember k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid). Sometimes the best ideas need to be unearthed.

Cancer: For you this time is a balancing act. Find that right level and you will see you world open up in the most exciting ways.

Leo: This time will give you lots of time to show warmth and get those cuddles in. Time to connect on a deeper level, even if that is with yourself.

Virgo: Time to get picky with yourself. You have this habit to see what others need. Now is the time to see what you need. Spend some alone time to discover that secret.

Libra: Look for the fun. You have been so stressed that it has taken its toll. Get some sleep, reset and laugh. By the end of this time you will see it was all for the good.

Scorpio: Connect to your heart and your emotions. You have been so disconnected for so long that you have lost sight of who you really are. Take a peak and you might just find someone you like.

Sagittarius: You have felt like you have been on an emotional rollercoaster. get quite, calm your spirit and find what true makes you happy.

Capicorn: Slow down, reset and breathe. You haven’t done that in awhile. Time to take it all in and remember what it is like just to be here.

Aquarius: You want down time. You are tired and need this reset, but for you like will not exactly slow down, so take that time and give to yourself. You can’t give to others if you are burnt out.

Pisces: You get time to breathe since this retrograde was last in your sign. Take this time to reflect on what you have learned from the last go round. Is something holding you back? Time to listen to your instinct.

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