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Covid-19: 5 Practical Ways to Curb the Spread and Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus

Covid-19: 5 Practical Ways to Curb the Spread and Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus

Covid-19: 5 Practical Ways to Curb the Spread and Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus

By now, most people know the basic steps to prevent the spread of Covid 19. From washing your hands with soap to social distancing, there are a few well-known guidelines that are practiced worldwide. In addition to these basic steps, there are other practical ways to ensure you protect yourself and your family to the fullest extent.

Sanitize Your Phone

Did you know that an average mobile phone can be ten times filthier than a toilet seat? On average, Americans pick up their phones 47 times per day, and many use them while picking up their groceries, on public transport, and in the bathroom. People know they should wash or sanitize their hands, but they are exposed to bacteria as soon as they pick up a dirty phone. Keep your phone clean by wiping it down with a soft cloth and a mixture of 60% water and 40% rubbing alcohol. By keeping both your hands and your phone clean you can reduce your risk of exposure.

Don’t Share Objects

When it comes to preventing the spread of Covid-19, sharing is not always caring. Touching on the practise of sanitizing your phone, other objects should also be cleaned regularly. This includes stationery, keyboards, cutlery, and work tools. If you cannot be certain an object has been sanitized, then reduce the risk of infection by simply not touching them. Use your own personal items and encourage others to do the same. This simple practice can help protect you and those you care about from coronavirus.

Use Protective Gear in the Workplace

There is plenty of information about covering your mouth and nose in the media to avoid coronavirus; however, protecting your eyes can also make a difference. For people who work in the medical field, a pair of medical safety glasses that cover the eyes entirely can help reduce the risk of infection. Dr. Bishop & Associates offer useful information about how to choose the most suitable safety glasses for work.

Throw Away Used Tissues Efficiently

It can be easy to place a used tissue in your pocket, or on the desk, with the good intention to throw it away as soon as you get the chance. However, if you are unknowingly infected, then these tissues could potentially contaminate other surfaces. Also, used tissues that are simply tossed in an open bin could lead to spread. Medical Director Michael P. Hirsh, M.D. advises placing them in a tightly sealed bag and then disposing of the entire bag with the rest of your garbage.

Wash Your Face Covering Properly

Most of the USA are required to wear face coverings in order to curb the spread. The CDC has advised that masks should be well-fitted and should completely cover the nose and mouth. A lot of people are opting for reusable cloth coverings rather than single-service, surgical face masks. If you choose to use a cloth mask, try to wash it as soon as you have finished using it. A used mask can be hand washed using water and soap or detergent and then thoroughly rinsed. Alternatively, pop it in with your usual laundry. If you cannot wash a dirty mask straight away, store it in a sealed plastic bag until you can clean it.


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