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Creating a Serene Environment: The Role of Calm Corner Posters

This article will explore the importance of creating a serene environment and how calm corner posters can help you achieve that.



In order to foster a secure and loving atmosphere, minimize harm or outbursts, and improve communication and understanding between adults and children, it is essential to learn techniques for calming an anxious child. These techniques aid in defusing tension and paving the way for candid discussion. Teaching children good coping strategies and emotional control techniques can help them manage their anger more effectively, enhancing their general well-being and creating an atmosphere conducive to growth and development.

As a result, one gains a greater sense of self and enhanced self-esteem. Children who can control their emotions are more equipped to deal with relationships and difficulties, promoting emotional intelligence and resilience. Effective anger management results from positive coping strategies, more self-esteem, and better emotional control.

This article will explore the importance of creating a serene environment and how calm corner posters can help you achieve that.

What Do You Understand By A Serene Environment For Children?

A peaceful, tranquil setting that fosters children’s growth and well-being is considered a serene environment for children. They can explore, learn, and express themselves in a place where they feel safe, at ease, and unrestricted.

Children can flourish and grow in a supportive environment with a harmonic balance between mentally stimulating activities and quiet times.

A Montessori school, for instance, offers youngsters a calm setting highlighted by natural light, gentle colors, and pleasant reading nooks.

While the teachers foster a supportive environment with their kind words and mindfulness exercises, the materials and activities promote autonomous learning, discovery, and reflection. Children develop individuality, creativity, and social skills in this serene setting.

To create a calming ambiance, this style of environment frequently uses components like natural sunlight, gentle hues, and cozy furniture.

To foster a sense of connectedness to the outside world also entails the presence of nature, whether through indoor plants or outside play places.

A calm atmosphere for kids also places a high value on cleanliness and organization to reduce distractions and establish a sense of order.

What Are Calm Corner Posters?

Children’s calm corner posters are visual aids that encourage calmness, mindfulness, and emotional control.

These posters frequently include relaxing imagery, mantras, and detailed instructions for calming practices.

They are useful for teaching and practicing self-soothing techniques in kids, particularly during stressful or emotional periods.

These posters foster calm and enable kids to develop healthy coping skills by including relaxing images and encouraging statements.

Calm corner posters encourage children’s emotional management while encouraging calm and mindfulness.

They provide step-by-step instructions for soothing methods, including deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, assisting kids in properly managing their emotions.

These techniques help kids restore control and inner serenity, especially when they’re under stress or experiencing intense emotions.

Calming Strategies List On Calm Corner Posters

Children’s calm corner posters are essential for helping them learn how to control their emotions, behave appropriately, and practice self-regulation.

They serve as helpful resources for stressed or nervous children by providing visual reminders of skills like deep breathing and counting to 10.

Also, the strength and autonomy that these posters encourage young people to take charge of their mental health.

Here are some of the most helpful strategies that children can use to stay calm:

1. Various Breathing Exercises

Children can better deal with their worries and discomfort by practicing the various breathing techniques listed in the poster for the calm area. To alleviate anxiety before tests, use the “balloon breath” technique, involving deep breath, abdominal expansion, and long exhalation.

Through the use of this easy exercise, they can better concentrate on their exam by controlling their breathing and calming their anxiety.

2. Mindfulness Activities

Deep breathing techniques, accompanied meditation, yoga postures, and body scans are just a few mindfulness exerciseson the calm corner poster. These exercises are intended to assist people in quieting their minds, bringing about a sense of relaxation, and increasing self-awareness.

The poster promotes journaling, gratitude, and sensory exercises for inner calm and stress reduction.

3. Body Stretching

The peaceful corner poster for kids mentions body stretching as a technique because it has many advantages for kids’ physical and mental health. Stretching aids in releasing muscle tension, improving flexibility, and boosting blood flow.

Children who experience less stress or anxiety may benefit from this. Stretching also encourages better posture and body awareness, adding to a feeling of serenity and stability.

4. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Squeezing a ball is one of the straightforward yet effective progressive muscle relaxation exercises recommended in the calm corner poster for kids.

Use a stress ball or any other easily squeezable soft object for this exercise. By activating their muscles and refocusing their attention, it is intended to aid youngsters in releasing tension and encouraging relaxation.

5. Puzzle Solving

Children benefit from the puzzle-solving method in the poster for the peaceful corner in several ways.

First of all, it motivates people to address issues logically and methodically. Children develop analytical and critical thinking skills by disassembling a puzzle into smaller, easier-to-manage pieces.

The poster for the calm corner encourages youngsters to be patient, persistent, and open to trying new things, developing their cognitive and emotional problem-solving abilities.


Tech Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts



Summer is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Here are some great and various modern technologies to add offering exciting options.

GPS Devices

Our first gift option is a GPS. It is a must-have tech gift for summertime excursions. It can be challenging to navigate different locations, but with a reliable GPS, you are assured that you are heading in the right direction. There are many really good options such as the  Garmin GPSMAP 66i. It has comprehensive charting, two-way texting, and SOS features. Another option to check out is Suunto Traverse Alpha.

Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Are you creative and have multiple things to do simultaneously on your laptops. A portable laptop monitor extension improves productivity and easily connects to all laptops. The Mobile Pixels Trio/Trio Max, is our favorite with exceptional HD displays for multitasking. The Duex Float  can easily adjust with a 180-degree rotation.


Portable Solar Chargers

A  good-quality portable solar charger will keep your gadgets charged and helps with extended outdoor travel. These portable solar chargers are an ideal option for an off-the-beaten-path excursion with few power outlets. An example is the Anker PowerPort Solar, which has twin USB connections for quick charging. Another option is the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus.

Action Cameras

Want to make an impression give an action camera. These incredible tech gadgets can effectively record all the exciting events in high definition. are favorite is the GoPro HERO9 Black, which is an excellent GoPro action camera with 5K video and modern stabilization. With the option of twin displays, 4K HDR video, and RockSteady stabilization for fluid filming is DJI Osmo Action.


Wearable Tech

Lastly, a wearable technology that can offer various advantages like a fitness trackers and smartwatches. These presents help monitor your health, navigate paths, and measure fitness data. Garmin Fenix 6 and Apple Watch Series 7 are our picks.

Most travel lovers need the convenience of editing photos/videos, creating captivating content, and more. with a portable laptop monitor extender you have the world at your hands.

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NOFLEX Korean Dinning Surrounded By Art and Technology



NOFLEX, located at 286 5th Avenue  right off 30th street us the first media art loungeThis contemporary Korean restaurant and bar is managed by Next Dining, a distinguished hospitality group from Korea.

The art on the walls

The art on the walls

The restaurant offers inventive Korean cuisine made with fresh ingredients and diverse flavors. The ambiance of the space is unparalleled, with a 72-foot LED wall and vibrant lighting that will transport you to Seoul.

The Bar

There is also an upstairs, overlooking the fun.

You can enjoy an impressive selection of cocktails, wine, sake. We tried The Pornstar Mojito’s ($17) Sparkling Wine with lime, mint and passion fruit. Refreshing and cooling served with a flower.

The space is very modern and has a club-like vibe, so I am sure after hours is very different than at dinner time, which was cool inviting and relaxed.

Looking at the menu

The menu is extensive and if you like seafood and sushi NOFLEX is sure to please. I am not exactly a seafood lover, however my guest and I went on a exploration of shrimp. 
We started our journey with Hand Rolled Cigar Rolls filled with beef and shrimp, served with aside of truffle aioli ($19). As far as food goes this was my favorite dish. The truffle aioli was fantastic, I ended up dipping everything in this sauce. These were crispy, juice and delectable.

Onto the Deep Fried Shrimp Skewers ($21) 6 pieces of lightly crispy shrimp in a wasabi mayo. The batter was more like the texture of coconut, and they were light and filling. Both were easily shared.

For entrees, we tried the Shrimp Scallion Pancakes ($25). Each slice was filled with a whole shrimp and there were eight slices. I would have preferred the shrimp to be cut up with scallions, as the garlic was barely a taste, however the truffle aioli  sauce from the cigars, perked these up and help immensely.

Also for an entree the Gambas ($33) which is shrimp in a spicy, garlic sauce served with slices of baguettes. This was Roger’s favorite dish.

And then there was dessert….. Roger and I would go to NOFLEX strictly for their Brûlé Banana Nutella Croffle ($17). This dessert is  a cross between a croissant and waffle, with ice bream. This was seriously sensational. First of all, I am not even a fan of bananas, but done in the Brûlé style they were out of this world and a Croffle with Nutella is a serious culinary adventure.We also tried the Silky Vanilla Cheesecake ($17) that was also excellent. What made this so good was that it was light with these fabulous cookie crumbles that elevated this classic dessert.


We found out our fabulous server Bibi created these treasures.

NOFLEX is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and has one of the best desserts I have ever had.

NOFlEX, 286 5th Avenue off of 30th closed on Monday’s and opened for dinner at 5pm.

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The Ellen Hermanson Foundation Auctions Off Jackets To Save Women’s Lives



The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering people affected by cancer. This Saturday they will host their annual Summer Gala to raise funds. The event on  July 13, is from 6:30 to 11:30 PM at Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club. Beside oceanside cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, dinner, dancing, and an auction, followed by an after-party beach bonfire and s’mores. 

The foundation will honor Dr. Fredric Weinbaum, medical doctor and former Chief Administrative Officer/COO of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, and The Honorable Rebecca A. Seawright, Member of the New York State Assembly whose 3-D screening bill, signed into law, expands access to cancer screenings without cost sharing to include 3-D Mammography. 

Part of the way they will raise money is to auction off denim jackets painted by famous artists. Three of the artists are friends of T2C and we want to highlight their work as well as give you insight on how to bid for a really good cause.

Shani and her jacket

First up is Shani Grosz. Her denim jacket combines fashion and Shani’s passion for painting she created a fantasy hand painted garden themed denim jacket trimmed with a lace bustle for drama and sprinkled with Swarovski crystals . All created with a magical vibe and a theme quote painted in the back of the jacket that reads “ the darkest Nights produce the brightest stars. “ … with the theme that women going through tough times such as cancer treatments are the true bright shining stars.

Shani is a graduate of Parson’s School of Design, and has established herself as an important and internationally recognized designer with over two decades as the President and Designer of SHANI Collection. She has won many prestigious design awards for her well executed vision of “Wearable Art”. Over the years, she has dressed various celebrities, news anchors, Broadway stars, television personalities and developed numerous wardrobes for both film and TV and as a teacher within the Designer Critic Program at FIT, Shani works closely at developing up and coming talent. Shani designs for the modern woman, celebrating her multi-faceted lifestyle that allows her to be both feminine and strong.


To know Shani is to know that she is a girl’s girl, so it’s only logical that her designs are about feeling free and comfortable in your skin. Shani’s designs are like the perfect little black dress –something every woman needs in her wardrobe that she can always count on to let her look her best. Her dresses are available at Please follow us on Instagram at

To bid on Shani’s and the other artist were highlighting read more tomorrow.

On February 15, The Ellen Hermanson Foundation awarded $363,000 in grants to further its mission of assisting people being treated for breast cancer. The funding advances the Ellen Hermanson Breast Center at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, where no patients are turned away for lack of insurance, as well as its local satellite locations and Ellen’s Well, a psychosocial support program for patients. Grants were also awarded to members of The Ellen Hermanson Foundation Community Partnership to support bilingual outreach, social support, and breast care education for women without ready access to health care.

This year, funds raised will go toward acquiring a cutting-edge tomosynthesis mammography machine at the center, providing breast screenings and diagnostic procedures, allocating Ellen’s Well micro-grants for transportation and social services, supporting the Phillips Family Cancer Care Summit and paying a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), a nurse practitioner, and an oncology nurse patient navigator at Ellen’s Well.

For more information visit

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Get Ready For Broadway in Bryant Park



The most popular shows on and off Broadway will perform their biggest hits in the park starting this Thursday the 11th! Head to the the lawn at Bryant Park and enjoy Broadway for lunch. The performances will happen on four summer Thursdays, hosted and presented by LiteFM.

This week from 12:30pm-1:30pm 106.7 LITE FM Host: Helen Little will host. For the pre-show: A special performance by the students of AMDA College of the Performing Arts. Then get ready for performances by Back to the Future, Hell’s Kitchen, The Who’s TOMMY, The Wiz and
Water For Elephants.

In coming weeks look from The Outsiders, SIX: The Musical, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Wicked, Chicago and & Juliet.

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A Weekend In The Hamptons



I started off my weekend in The Hampton’s at an event for Hamptons Social Magazine.

Ilene Smith and Roger Sichel

Erika Katz and her daughter

The event was at Zadig & Voltaire East Hampton. The beautiful jewlery by Stacy Engman, was highlighted.

Stacy Engman

We were treated to some delicious ice cream and wine.

Then our friend photographer, artist and festival producer, Roger Sichel had a showing of some of his art at at Romany Kramoris Gallery, 41 Main Street in Sag Harbor. We attended his opening

Roger is prolific in creativing experiences that span generations and genres. From creating one of New York’s first erotic film festivals with judges Andy Warhol, Gore Vidal and Milos Forman to producing rock concerts with the Doors, Four Seasons and Isaac Hayes nationwide, Roger identifies most as a cultural observer and photographic journalist. Sichel has now entered the next phase of his artistic career and is choosing to explore neo-pop mixed media, inspired by his own life, as well as current events, while simultaneously preserving the legacy of his work in photojournalism.

Ann Liguori

Ann Liguori

Ann Liguori

The next day we attended the book signing at Barnes and Nobles of  Ann Liguori, sports Radio and TV Personality. Ann is the author of a new book called “Life on the Green, Lessons & Wisdom from Legends of Golf.” Hopefully we will have her on “Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents,” because this book sounds fascinating.

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