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Cub Foods Shopping Tips — How to Save More

Cub Foods Shopping Tips — How to Save More

Cub Foods offers multiple ways to save on grocery shopping. This chain has been adding new options to help consumers spend less. These days, with the economy going through a dramatic downturn, affordability is vital. Discover key ways to buy groceries with sizable discounts. 

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the American economy. Luckily, there are places you can visit for affordable groceries. Cub Foods is a notable location. There are fresh deals every week! Don’t miss Cub Foods weekly ad to keep track of all relevant offers. You can always spot attractive prices that suit your personal needs.

Affordable Groceries

You will always find low prices at Cub Foods. These are not temporary promotions — the chain is focused on discounts. Today, the stores are particularly attractive, as consumers are pinching every penny. 

1.   Yellow Tags

Yellow is a color that commands visitors’ attention. At Cub Foods, it marks discounts. Finding a deal is super-easy: just scan the space for yellow tags.  Importantly, these are not some fleeting deals: yellow tags show New Lower Prices. These are new reduced prices for many items that remain relevant every day. 

2.   Weekly Ad

Today, it is easy to monitor sales. Through dedicated platforms, you can access all offers for Cub Foods. These sites connect you to the digital catalog, so you can place an order immediately. If you do not have time to visit your local Cub Foods, online shopping is a lifesaver. Have groceries delivered to your home — it is quick and convenient! 

Online purchases are rewarded by coupons and points. You can also take advantage of open sales promotion programs. Cub Foods offers discounted tickets and sweepstakes. Overall, the benefits are multiple.

3.   Load to Card

Owners of My Cub Rewards cards can download coupons directly onto them. Redeem at the checkout, and pay less! The days of coupon clipping are long gone. Today, they are digital and accessible from any internet-connected device. 

Cub Foods has boosted the appeal of the scheme. Now, customers who load coupons to their cards can access extra saving options. Although occasional, these opportunities should not be missed!

4.   Save on Fuel

The retailer rewards spending: for every $50 left at the store, you gain $0.05 per gallon discount. Now, driving is cheaper. Savings are redeemed right at the pump — just use your Cub Rewards card. There is also a way to double the benefits — certain gift cards deliver discounts that are twice as big! Make Cub Foods your destination for gift hunting — loyalty pays off!

5.   Healthy Savings

This program allows you to save as much as $150. Participating grocery stores, including Cub Foods, offer discounts on healthier products. These include bread, milk, yogurt, bread, lean meat, and many other products from 140+ brands. You do not need to clip, print, or download coupons. They are preloaded on the program card weekly.

6.   Cub App

This mobile app is a must for every loyal customer. It allows you to add exclusive online deals directly to your account. Scan your barcode at the checkout to redeem offers and gain fuel rewards. 

Customers can easily check their fuel rewards balance.  Users have access to weekly ads and special offers. Other features include a shopping list, prescription refill, and search for nearby stores. 

Save with Cub Foods

Overall, Cub Foods provides many ways to save on groceries. Download the app, browse weekly ads online, and never miss another great offer! Everyday items are our most frequent purchases, and they should not be costly. 


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