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Culinary Tourism- What To Know

Culinary Tourism- What To Know

Culinary tourism, also known as food tourism is tourism with food as the main attraction. Here you as a tourist visit several destinations in the world to look at their foods and mode of preparation that sets them apart from the rest. 

Here you seek the thrill of feasting on exotic dishes and also sampling different drinks associated with different places. Culinary tourism is part of cultural tourism as food is a large part of the culture and experiential travel. 

Several tourists are hopping onto this trend having a worthy time sampling several dishes. Many destinations have set themselves apart as key culinary tourists’ hub.

Culinary Tourism Hubs

Some of the notable food tourism hubs that you can visit include Paris, which is well-known for its experimental meals and wine. There is also India for its spicy food and the Mediterranean region for its culturally diverse cuisine. Italy is known for its wheat-derived foods such as pasta and pizza while china takes the ball to its courts when dealing with rice and seafood.

Food Tours

Food tours are a large part of culinary tourism. In these tours, you, together with other tourists go through a guided tour to top restaurants and eateries to sample the different delights associated with the place. Prague, Czech’s capital is one city that is renowned for its food tours.

Apart from the food, the food tours also allow you to explore around and may include you going to other points of interest in addition to the restaurants.

Cooking Classes And Competitions

Cooking classes have come up as part of the culinary experience. Here you get to learn about the cooking style associated with the region you are visiting. The pros in this cuisine teach you on the basics of cooking adopting the indigenous approach. The classes may take a few hours to some weeks depending on complexity and also setting where if it is a formal class it may take longer and more formalities.

You also go shopping for the essentials needed for the coking as part of the lessons especially when it comes to getting fresh produce.

Competitions are also organized at times to test on your proficiency or for a chance to have fun with some prices at stake. The competitions may be part of the region’s festivals and you can take part to have a taste of the indigenous culture.

Street Food

Another part of culinary tourism is on street foods. Just as the name implies, these are foods that are prepared on the streets of the urban centers or markets. The foods are quickly made and are reflective of the feeding behavior of the area in terms of spices and also the preparation mode. Snacks make most of these meals though main courses are common too.

Culinary tourism is a growing trend that allows you to visit your dream destinations and also get to sample their foods and get a taste of their culture. Touristsecrets is a nice site to look for a possible destination for your culinary adventures.


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