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Curina and Personal Ink Promote Breast Health Awareness Month

Curina and Personal Ink Promote Breast Health Awareness Month

Curina, the original art rental subscription service in NYC has partnered with mastectomy charity Personal Ink (or P.Ink) for October’s Breast Health Awareness Month with “a salute to unruly women everywhere.”

This collection is inspired by women who defy control, from social constructs, from beauty norms, and even cancer. To note 20% of proceeds from artwork in this collection will be donated to, a non-profit organization empowering women to take back their bodies after mastectomies by providing tattoos at no cost.

In addition, use the hashtag #PinkOutLoud and Curina will donate $1 for every share of the post on social media.

Friday Jones, an NYC tattoo artist who specializes in illustrative mastectomy scar coverage and 3D nipple tattoos, will host an Instagram takeover with Curina’s dual exhibitions “Infamous Boobs” and “Unruly Hair” as themes. The posts will feature mastectomy tattoos and paintings from Jones’ fine art portfolio. The promotion will run Friday, October 23rd.


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