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Cushion Cut Diamond- Tips for Buying the Right Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond- Tips for Buying the Right Ring

Cushion cut rings are recognized for their memorable charm and enchanting glow. There are a number of considerations such as the cut and best settings that can help you determine whether the vintage and classic style of this type of ring is the right choice for you.


Cushion cut is among the fancy and oldest varieties of diamond cuts that have been in existence for centuries. Their popularity grew rapidly in the 1800s with its distinct soft edges that capture and showcase a rainbow of color. The cut was initially created to elicit a shimmering light and display incandescence from within.

In today’s modern world, cushion diamonds are one of the favorite options for couples in their quest for a stylish and vintage engagement ring. The fancy cut my feature a square or rectangular shape. It yields a shape that is comparable to a soft pillow and is sometimes referred to as the pillow cut. Cushion cut diamonds have an elegant and unique style that is reminiscent of past eras.


Engagement rings in this style are ideal for daily wear because of the cut’s rounded edges that are resistant to snagging on hair or clothes or chipping. With their rounded shape, cushion cut diamond rings do not have sharp corners or edges, which make them the best choice for a ring that will be worn frequently.

Fashion and Style

The cushion cut is a style that has become fashionable over the years and its growing popularity has led to the production of more styles and sizes that are widely available. The cushion is treasured for its ability to spread light and this effect creates a subtle yet captivating array of colors.


The recommended setting for cushion cut rings is the 4 prong that securely holds the gems and protects them. This setting will not block the light and is effective for maximizing the fire qualities and brilliance of the cut. Double claw and 6 prong settings can be used to secure more rectangular or larger shaped diamonds.


  • A major advantage of using cushion cuts for rings is their reasonable price in comparison to what is known as the round brilliant shape.
  • The demand for cushion cuts is on the rise and their manufacture maximizes on the utility of original rough diamonds. This means that there is less wastage and larger finished gems may be created from the stone.
  • Cushion cuts are among the simpler shapes that can be created, which requires less time and technical expertise. This results in lower overall costs that are passed on to the consumer.


The classic shape of cushion cut rings has made a steady comeback with more people realizing that they provide a worthwhile combination of incredible sparkle, elegant style and value. The modification of the cushion cut has led to different shapes and variations. In order for you to be able to identify quality cushion cut rings, it is advisable to stick to rings that consist of certified diamonds. Consider the grade parameters while you shop for a ring.



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