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Custom Bandanas- Essential Tips To Transform You Into A Style Icon

Custom Bandanas- Essential Tips To Transform You Into A Style Icon

The bandana is a great fashion accessory, especially for men. This versatile and straightforward clothing accessory is both a classic as well as a timeless choice. Popular media depicts a stylish and edgy look with the bandana for bikers and pirates, but the bandana is more than that. 

If worn the right way, a bandana can be the perfect fashion accessory for the gentleman as we as for evening parties or for hanging out with friends. There are varieties available if you are looking for your ideal look that includes traditional as well as custom bandanas.

About bandanas

Bandana is a large handkerchief which can be square, rectangular or even triangular. You can wear the bandana around your head or neck for various protective or decorative purposes. It is a fashion accessory that can be used by both men as well as women. These days there are other variety of styling options as well that include on the waist, wrist as well as the classic pocket square. The options available are more than even these days, including colors, patterns, sizes, and fabrics.

Wearing a bandana

Around the neck

This is arguably one of the trendier and more comfortable ways to wear the bandana. The look is ideal for both men and women. If you are one for subtlety, then go for the smaller variations that are easy to handle and wrap around the neck. All you need is a twist and tying for a knot. For a more edgy look keep a corner loose in the front of the neck. Go for softer hues and color tones to complete the look.  

Around the head

This makes for a bolder and a rock-star look. The bandana around the head is a favorite of musicians with guitar gods like Santana and Joe Walsh making it a stage staple. It is an absolute necessity for individuals with long hair. You can keep the look subtle by going with neutral tones like the black. For a more vibrant look, there is always the color blue. For the street-wear look lay your bandana flat and fold it multiple times to get a long rectangle look. Wrap it around your head and tie a knot. You can tuck loose ends inside the bandana to complete the fashion statement.   

Use it around the wrist

An effortless yet stylish way of wearing the bandana is around the wrist. This adds dollops of attitude to the overall style statement and makes for an “uber-cool” personality. However, you will need darker prints and striking features to make the bandana stand out. Also, keep your bandana folds messy because it just doesn’t look right if it’s perfectly wrapped and tied.

The waist

The bandana can be incorporated into your casual look by wearing it from the waist. The other options on this list use the bandana as a style statement, but on the waist, it just accessorizes your clothes and accentuates the colors, if done right. Wearing the bandana around the waist is easier as well. All you need is to tie it around your waist over the belt or through the belt loops. 

Additionally, keep in mind that the bandana is strictly for the casual occasion, so pair it right. Set a new trend at events and parties.

Fashion and High Society

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