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Darius Jasinski Talks about the Three Types of Soup to Stay Healthy and Savor Your Taste Buds

Darius Jasinski Talks about the Three Types of Soup to Stay Healthy and Savor Your Taste Buds

Are you looking for a warm, healthy, and comfortable meal? If so, then soups are your best bet. Taking a bow of warm soup is a simple, tasty, and quick way to include essential nutrients in your daily meal. Though soups are a tasty dish, not all are as healthy as you believe. Therefore, you need to make your choice of soups carefully. 

When cooked with healthy ingredients, soups are a healthy dish with several nutrients to help you stay healthy. You can cook soups with vegetables or meat-based thick broths, to add more minerals, vitamins, proteins, and collagen to your body. Here are the three types of soups you can take to stay healthy and well: 

1. Chicken noodle soup

This soup is the favorite of Americans and a good home remedy for fighting the flu. To be candid, noodle soup helps in relieving a congested nose, studies show. Then, do not opt for canned versions because they have extremely high sodium, which is a health hazard for patients with high blood pressure. Take homemade chicken noodle soup instead, which is low in sodium. 

The chicken in the soup will provide you with proteins, in high quantity, which is often found missing in a vegetable soup. When you take more protein-based soups, it controls your appetite, improves metabolism, and cuts back on body fat. 

You can also add your favorite veggies to your noodle chicken soup or choose whole-grain noodles or for that matter, pasta to increase the fiber content further. 

2. Delicious tomato soup

The health benefit of tomato soup comes right from antioxidant lycopene, giving tomatoes their bright, red color. The antioxidant lycopene helps in fighting the adverse effects of free radicals that are related to chronic ailments like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, says Darius Jasinski, a certified and experienced doctor. 

Studies indicate that tomato soup boosts your immunity, improving fertility in males, and boosting heart health. It also reduces the chances of developing some kinds of cancer. Avoid taking ready-to-eat tomato soups flooding the market, as they are high in extra fat, thickening agents, as well as, sugar. 

Prepare natural, homemade tomato soup that tastes great as well as beneficial to your health. You can avoid the artificial thickening agents and intake more essential nutrients in your homemade tomato soup. 

3. Soups made with bone-broth

When it comes to bone broth, it is popular due to its high nutrient content, especially in a soup. You can prepare this soup at home by cooking bones, producing a delicious broth with the nutrients in the bones including magnesium, collagen, and calcium. Collagen is the most profuse protein in your body. 

With more collagen in a bone-broth soup, it improves your bone, skin, and joint health. Did you know that bone-broth soup is often used as a base for various kinds of soups? You will also like the taste of bone-broth soup alone without adding any more ingredients. 

Prepare these delicious and healthy soups packed with nutritional elements to make your immune system stronger. Avoid the commercially available soups because they have unhealthy ingredients like sodium, sugar, and thickening agents. 

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