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David Burtka’s “Life’s A Party” Book Launch in NYC



Jane Krakowsku (C) poses for a photo with Cookbook author David Burtka (L) and husband Neil Patrick Harris at the Top of the Standard Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Capital One

Friends and family came out last night to support David Burtka at the launch of his new book “Life’s A Party” Cookbook at the Top of the Standard in New York City on Monday, April 15. Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Seinfeld, Gayle King, Jane Krakowski and more were all in attendance.

Gayle King poses for a photo as Cookbook author David Burtka Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Captial One

106 killer recipes, 16 creative party themes, and 150 gorgeous photos-plus killer playlists and easy planning tips-make LIFE IS A PARTY the indispensable cookbook and guide for home cooks. Available TODAY wherever books are sold.

Jessica Seinfeld Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Captial One

Chef, actor, and entertaining authority David Burtka knows that every day can be a party. Over a lifetime of throwing epic gatherings, the Cordon Bleu-trained Burtka has perfected the formula for creating easy and perfect get-togethers at home. Now, in the pages of his debut cookbook, he’s sharing all of his secrets and an intimate look into the lives of one of Hollywood’s favorite families. Everything you need to throw a memorable party, or to make a delicious weeknight meal, can be found right here. 

Kerry Butler poses for a photo as Cookbook author David Burtka Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Captial One

Whether your event and budget are modest or you’re going all-out, and whether the guest list is an intimate crew or it’s a blowout bash, David’s sixteen party themes-from cozy game nights at home to elegant New Year’s fêtes-are built around doable, show-stopping menus that take the guesswork out of high-impact hosting. Complete with endless and fun ways to mix-and-match dishes, create stunning decor, prep ahead, and get guests involved, David helps you put all the elements in place to make every party a success without ever losing your cool. 

Rocco DiSpirito poses for a photo as Cookbook author David Burtka with the Capital One Savor® credit card at the Top of the Standard Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Captial One

Whether your event and budget are modest or you’re going all-out, and whether the guest list is an intimate crew or it’s a blowout bash, David’s sixteen party themes-from cozy game nights at home to elegant New Year’s fêtes-are built around doable, show-stopping menus that take the guesswork out of high-impact hosting. Complete with endless and fun ways to mix-and-match dishes, create stunning decor, prep ahead, and get guests involved, David helps you put all the elements in place to make every party a success without ever losing your cool. 

Montego Glover poses for a photo as Cookbook author David Burtka and husband Neil Patrick Harris Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Captial One

Whether your event and budget are modest or you’re going all-out, and whether the guest list is an intimate crew or it’s a blowout bash, David’s sixteen party themes-from cozy game nights at home to elegant New Year’s fêtes-are built around doable, show-stopping menus that take the guesswork out of high-impact hosting. Complete with endless and fun ways to mix-and-match dishes, create stunning decor, prep ahead, and get guests involved, David helps you put all the elements in place to make every party a success without ever losing your cool. 

At the heart of the book are David’s amazing recipes, including delicious twists on comfort classics like Corn Cakes with Bacon Jam, Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, and Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. And you don’t need to wait for a party to try recipes like Ham, Egg, and Cheese Calzones; Mint Pesto Pasta; and Thyme and Gruyère Popovers. Never one to miss the opportunity to toast friends and family, David also shows you how to make delicious cocktails for a crowd: think Mojito Slushies, Charred Peach and Plum Sangria, and Cucumber-Lime Spritzers. So raise a glass and get cooking! Because there’s no better time than now to make your life a party.

Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret, opera and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. She has a screenplay and a TV show in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She is a proud member of the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle and was a nominator. Email:

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G.H. Harding

A CHER STEAL — This year’s 97th edition of the Macy’s Day Parade was a rather underwhelming one, save for Chicago – inexplicably singing “Your My Inspiration” – and the always, indefatigable Cher, singing a track “DJ Play a Christmas Song” off her new holiday-themed album. The first few bars will terribly auto-tuned, but that seemed to disappear and Cher’s vocals rang full and bold.

She was, typically, a pro. Mixing effortlessly and emotionally with the dancers in a terrific set. Some pundits reported the clip was shot days earlier, but she was live and, just sensational. I wish more of today’s performers possessed her vigor and skills. That’s why most of the current acts, here today, will be gone tomorrow.

As we went to press, we learned that this parade was Macy’s most-watched edition ever! Congrats.

Sacred Songs/Daryl Hall

HALL VS. OATES  Some terrible news appeared in Wednesday’s media that Daryl Hall had taken out a TRO against partner-John Oates. I’ve loved what these two have done for decades and I loved Hall’s solo albums; especially the one he did with Robert Fripp in 1977 Sacred Songs.  His record company at the time (RCA) hated it so much, they held up its release for three years.

I also well remember them in the 80’s when it seemed you could’t turn on a radio without hearing their music. 29 of their 33 singles were major chart hits on Billboard. But I do go back to them even in the 70’s, with their terrific “She’s Gone” which basically launched them. And, my favorite album of their War Babies, produced by Todd Rundgren. Quick note: That album sounds as good and relevant as it did when it came out in 1974.

The problem seems to arise from Oates wanting to sell his portion of certain songs to Primary Wave Artists – which ironically owns several of their songs already. It’s a small point, but that seems to be the issue. In all actuality, it’s another case of a classic-rocker selling his music.

In Oates’ book several years ago (Change of Seasons: A Memoir), he hardly mentioned Hall and regrettably that animus has apparently reared its angry head. They’re Philly boys, I’m from Philly and it’s just an awful coda to what was one of music’s major success stories. Sad all around.

SHORT TAKES — Terrific article in this week’s Closer on Micky Dolenz. Check it out here:

btw: Dolenz tapes KTLA’s Countdown To 2024 this week in LA …

Phil Quartararo

I first met Phil Quartararo in the lobby of the old Mondrian Hotel in LA with John Sykes and we struck up a friendship that lasted until he passed last week. He was at Virgin for a time and worked with the artists there including The Spice Girls and Paul Abdul. In these fast-changing-times in the music business, he remained somewhat behind the scenes of late, but admitted he missed working with the artists. Phil was a guy you never ever heard a bad word about. Huge loss. Here’s Billboard’s take on Phil:

… As you’ve not doubt read, there is trouble in the Marvel-comic kingdom. The latest Captain Marvel movie (The Marvels) didn’t perform nearly as well as everyone hoped for and their newest star, Jonathan Majors as Kang, is tied up in several court matters.

Dr. Doom

So, we hear that Kang is out and Doctor Doom is in. Stay tuned …

Last week for David Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s Here Lies Love. If you’ve not seen this, it is a must-see one. Sad to see it go …

And Forbes’ James M. Clash has released Amplified; culled from his terrific interviews with the icons of rock ‘n roll; including Grace Slick; Art Garfunkel; Ginger Baker; Micky Dolenz; and Roger Daltry.  Here’s the Amazon link: NAMES IN THE NEWS — Steve Leeds; Kate Hyman; Bono; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Peter Abraham; Bobby Bank; Dina Pitenis; Frank DiLella; Donnie Kehr; Steve Leber; Don Wardell; Anne Adams; Billy Smith; John Boulos; Kimberly Cornell; Sam Rubin; Nexstar; and ZIGGY!

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G.H. Harding

NINA CHASE LIVES! — (Via Deadline) Shantal VanSanten is moving from FBI to FBI: Most Wanted for the latter show’s fifth season. She will reprise the role of Special Agent Nina Chase.

Nina is a well-seasoned FBI agent who is strong-willed, sharp and used to working undercover. The character was first introduced on the mothership series toward the end of Season 4 and she continued her recurring role in various episodes of Season 5 which concluded in May. Nina remains in a relationship with FBI’s Stuart Scola (John Boyd) as they raise their infant son Douglas together.

VanSanten is joining the cast following Alexa Davalos’ exit from FBI: Most Wanted, which Deadline reported exclusively in August. Their new season will debut on Tuesday, February 13.

The show is part of the massive Dick Wolff-empire and is actually a rather brilliant move; as the character has established itself on the other show and should fit nicely with Dylan McDermott and cast. The Wolff-machine just lost Jeffrey Donovan from Law & Order and recently installed their fifth showrunner on the much-troubled Law & Order: Organized Crime with Christopher Meloni; which is due to start their fourth season next year.

VanSanten also portrayed Karen Baldwin in the Apple TV+ show For All Mankind and was just terrific. Never heard of her before that show, but just a stunningly good performance, Nina Chase.

SHORT TAKES — Always read the posts. Loved this one: I was so confused! In Australia the show is called Morning Wars. And, yes, they were talking about Apple TV+’s Morning Show. That would be a more apt title … Looks like the NYC-launch for Mark Bego’s Joe Cocker-tome will be Tuesday, January 9 at Steve Walter’s Cutting Room. And Bego does an 11-city radio tour next week for Premiere Radio … Micky Dolenz’s R.E.M. cover of “Shiny Happy People hit #5 of the Heritage Chart in the U.K. … Every six months or so I read something about how The Starship’s “We Built This City” is the worst record of all time. Being home-bound for a time, I began hearing it regularly on my iHeart Hits of the 80’s and began to like it. Here’s a terrific summary of the song by Rob Tannenbaum. It’s actually hilarious:

Deadline reported that NBC’s La Brea will end with a six-episode season next year. This is the show about a massive sinkhole in Hollywood that tuns into a time-travel escapade. Crazy writing, but somehow addictive. I found it a guilty-pleasure. Here’s the story:

Sad that CBS’ Blue Bloods is ending after a spectacular 14-season run. I watched it when it started, then was out for a few seasons, but came back after Steve Schirripa joined the cast. Costs indeed did the show in, but you have to admit those family dinners which closed out each episode were sensational. Selleck, an icon. There’s not another show like this on TV right now; smart writing and brilliant acting. Treat Williams had a re-occurring role as an old mate of Selleck’s. Hope they do a proper tribute to him as he was stellar. Will be missed for sure … A 16-date Rolling Stones tour was announced Tuesday. Sponsored by AARP no less. Stones Tour 24

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 07: Mayor Eric Adams speaks at the Tribeca Festival opening night reception at Tribeca Grill on June 07, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

NY-Nightlife-Mayor Eric Adams seems to walking a tightrope – what with the ongoing FBI probe and city budget-cuts … Wintercon’s Frank Patz is interviewed for Medium today. It’s December 2 and 3 … Happy Thanksgiving!

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Richard Johnson; Ian Mohr; Harvey Levin; Kimberly Cornell; Plastic EP; Jane Blunkell; Tony King; Dave Mason; Michael McDonald; Kenny Loggins; Fortune Benatar; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Race Taylor; Jim Kerr; Ken Dashow; Plastic EP; Brad Balfour; Frank Patz; and ZIGGY!

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G.H. Harding

ONE MORE FOR THE BEATLES — (Via Deadline) The Beatles have made music history again with their new single Now and Then.

The song has topped the charts in the UK, making the band the act with the longest ever gap between their first and last number ones.

Sixty years after their song From Me to You sat at number one, Now and Then has made it to the same position. Sir Paul McCartney told the BBC: “It’s blown my socks off!”

And the BBC reports that the tune is also this century’s fastest selling single on vinyl. And, with McCartney aged 82 and the band’s drummer Ringo Starr 83, they are also the oldest band to hit the top spot.

The song emerged from a demo written by John Lennon back in 1978, two years before his murder in New York. His widow Yoko Ono later gave the tape to McCartney, but audio technology wasn’t adequate then to separate Lennon’s voice from the background noise, so the song was discarded from the surviving Beatles’ 1990s collaboration.

Following the success of Peter Jackson’s documentary about the Fab Four Get Back, McCartney picked the project up again, and producers were able to use Jackson’s MAL audio software to separate Lennon’s voice. McCartney recorded additional vocals, Starr added drums and the guitar sounds of George Harrison, who died in 2001, were also added, making it an authentic Beatles song with all four contributing.

Fans have had a huge emotional response to the suitably elegiac love song, but while it has been billed as the very last Beatles song, last week Jackson gave a titillating hint that there could be more music in the vault.

He said he had footage from Get Back, in which one or other of the Beatle’s riffs on a musical idea in the studio. He said:

“We can take a performance from Get Back, separate John and George, and then have Paul and Ringo add a chorus or harmonies. You might end up with a decent song but I haven’t had conversations with Paul about that.

“It’s fanboy stuff, but certainly conceivable.”

One poster said this, which I have to agree with 1000%: Prince at one time commented that it was “ghoulish” to use the dead-on new music tracks. I’m not sure. John’s voice is so clear.

Although Now/Then is a trifle, it is nostalgic and another piece of their legacy. I cried thinking about the 55 years that passed between my youth and my old age. They were tears of joy at the music of these fabulous four men. The Remastered Red/Blue CDs blew me away. If you seek a joyful reunion this Christmas, make it with John Paul George and Ringo.

Joe Cocker: With a Lot of Help from His Friends

TAKE ME TO BEGO’S CHURCH —Mark Bego’s launch for his Joe Cocker: With a Lot of Help from His Friends (Yorkshire Publishing) this weekend at The Church in Tulsa was a major success. Bego also visited the two Barnes & Noble stores in Tulsa and an in-store signing is expected at each shortly. Per Yorkshire’s Kent Denmark, the crowds kept coming and Bego commented that everyone had a great Joe Cocker story to tell – be it a Woodstock memory or a favorite Cocker song like “The Letter” or “Up Where We Belong.”

The book is out November 16. Use this Amazon link here to order:

Plans are afoot for a possible event at Steve Walter’s Cutting Room – stay tuned! Next up: an interview with Goldmine this week.

Mark Bego at The Church

Here’s a photo from the event – L-R: Laura and Kent Denmark, Yorkshire Publishing; Mark Bego; Nancy Ruth and Teresa Knox from The Church.

For All Mankind/Apple TV+

SHORT TAKESApple TV’s For All Mankind premiered their 4th season Friday and though this alt-reality show has proven to be among my favorites (Al Gore is introduced as the current President in 2003), they introduced so many new characters (Danny Stern and Toby Kebbell from Servant) it was a bit hard to initially follow them. Joel Kinnaman as Ed Ward is still sensational. Ronald D. Moore’s show is superlative; it’ll be a great season for sure …

The Killer

David Fincher’s The Killer, premiering on Netflix was pretty stellar. Not for everyone, but Fincher is just a tremendous director. Maybe not in the Christopher Nolan-style, but so subtle and moving. Michael Fassbender essays a hired-killer whose latest job goes wrong and he seeks revenge. And, at the end there’s a Tilda Swinton cameo which is just superb. Classy for sure with music from The Smiths …

The Curse Of Northam Bay

The Curse Of Northam Bay author Keith F. Girard does a radio tour this week in support of his book. Check out he Amazon link here: … We were tipped off the other day about a terrific new vocalist, Kyla Nicole. Sumptuous, stylish and oh, what a voice. If you like Streisand, you’re going to love her. Apparently, there’s a listening party next weekend in LA. Would love to be there. Our tipster didn’t know the label for the album, but remember the name. She’ a star waiting to explode! …

Eppy; David Salidor; Robert Miller (by John Wisdom)

Happy BDay Eppy and congrats to Zachary Shabman!

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Bobby Bank; Frank Schmidt; Tracey Redling; Amanda King; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Dan Zelinski; Markos Papadatos; Robert Miller; Frank Pranzo; Sara Gore; Maria Milito; Jane Blunkell; Michael Bonner; Daryl Estrea; Kollete Kleiber; Marion Perkins; Beth Wernick ; Jill Gallant; Angela Tarantino; Donald Johnson; and ZIGGY!

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G.H. Harding

A JON BON MOMENT — (Via Rolling Stone)  Ten years ago,  Richie Sambora  departed the band he co-founded with Jon Bon Jovi in 1983, but as the 40th anniversary of the Jersey rock band is upon us, the guitarist is not ruling out a Bon Jovi reunion, telling People Magazine, “It’s time.”

“There’s a documentary that’s being done about the band and stuff that I’ve participated in, and people want to come see us play. It’s going to make everybody happy,” the guitarist told the outlet this weekend. “I mean, essentially, that’s why you do it at this point.”

“So yeah, it definitely could happen,” he added of a reunion. “It’s just a question of when everybody’s ready to go do it. It will be a big, massive kind of undertaking.” The timing of a get-together was less certain to Sambora. “I’m not sure,” he said. “It’s up to peoples, it’s got to be right. That’s all.”

“It’s time to do it, though,” he added. “This is our 40th anniversary, but I feel younger than ever. I’m having a ball.”

The band was co-founded by Sambora, singer Jon Bon Jovi, original bassist Alec John Such,  keyboardist David Bryan and drummer Tico Torres. Sambora has co-written some of the band’s most iconic hits, including “Livin’ on a Prayer.” The love that people have for these songs still feels “unbelievable” to the musician. “People love to go back and hear the scrapbook of their lives. And, somehow, I’ve been a conduit to that very, very luckily – and a lot of hard work too,” he said.

Sambora last took the stage with his bandmates in 2018, when the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At the time, he told Rolling Stone, “It’s always great to see the guys. There’s a lot of love here, that’s for sure. When I first walked in, we hadn’t seen each other in three years, and they go, ‘Does it feel awkward?’ No … it doesn’t feel awkward at all. I mean, they’re my songs.”

Even after not seeing each other for a few years, Sambora said there was nothing strange about being on stage with his band-mates, old and new. “You gotta remember, I was in that band for 31 years,” he said. “I played those shows every night. I could do this stuff sleepwalking. … I have a different energy. People want Coca-Cola, the real thing. That’s why they call it the real thing. They want to hear those sounds, that kind of attitude. And the guys that are playing guitar, John Shanks and Phil X, they’re both great guitar players in their own right. I was kidding around with Phil, I said to him – they were going onstage the other night, and I said, ‘Hey, it must suck being me without the chicks and the money.’ [Laughs] And he started laughing…”

One opportunity to reunite could be next spring, when Jon Bon Jovi will be honored as the 2024 MusiCares Person of the Year. The annual benefit gala will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, Feb. 2, 2024.

Sambora certainly is and was the heart and soul of Bon Jovi. I well recall hanging with him many, many times back in the hair-band’s heyday and he was a ball of fire. His subsequent solo work and 4-year sojourn with guitarist Orianthi clearly didn’t pay off with the expected results. He’s raised this Bon Jovi-reunion many times in the past and what with Jon Bon Jovi’s rumored vocal problems, if it’s going to happen, it should be sooner rather than later.

Bon Jovi would put out an album with two or three killer cuts, tour and then wait a year and do it all over again. The touring market has changed and their fans are older, which is not to say a final re-union tour would not be a huge project. I think the MusiCares date will be the re-union. Stay tuned.

Sylvester Stallone

SLY ON PARADE –— OK, here’s my Sylvester Stallone story: Eons ago at NYC’s Xenon, I was watching an act perform onstage amid a packed house, when several thug-ish looking fellows walked by and one of them stepped on my foot. I looked up and Sylvester Stallone was staring at me … like it was my fault. I think it was during his Nighthawks days, but he was  a big deal and I certainly didn’t entertainment any notion of  a kerfuffle … or, maybe I did for a moment.

I’ve never forgotten that and always looked at Stallone with a sort of bemusement. Not that he was a jerk, but that moment at Xenon forever stands in my mind.

There’s a new Netflix doc on him and just a terrific article appeared in the Washington Post, where it surmises that we all got Stallone wrong. Tak e read:

I just watched the Netflix doc and was moved. It was shot amid Stallone and family relocating to the East Coast – and many moments of his art being packed up as well as a lifetime of mementos was certainly striking. Above all, a lifelong disconnect with his father was brought up again and again and Stallone even admits it powered his work. It was definitely worth watching.

No mention of his rather dynamic mother Jacqueline or his first marriage to Sasha, but his son Sage, who passed in 2014, is referenced.

Do I know Stallone better now? A bit for sure. More on this later.

SHORT TAKES — Celebrity-scribe Mark Bego did a United Stations radio tour of 12 stations Tuesday AM for his Joe Cocker: With a Lot of Help from His Friends tome – out November 16 via Yorkshire Publishing WeWork, once valued at $47 billion, filed for bankruptcy Monday …
Boy George going into Moulin Rouge? A match made in heaven I think … The third season of Apple TV+’s Slow Horses starts November 29. I have to say, this is one of the best-ever streaming shows. Gary Oldman is sensational, as is Jack Lowden. Here’s the trailer via Deadline:
David Byrne’s Here Lies Love will close on November 26. This was an absolutely brilliant show Byrne did with Fatboy Slim. Immersive for sure, it was just sensational. It was a costly one and I’ve adored it since I first saw an early workshop at the Public Theater in 2014. The music, outstanding and staging, surreal. If you haven’t see this, now’s your chance … Happy Bday Andy Skurow and Joni Mitchell.
NAMES IN THE NEWS — Michael Lichtstein; Paul Cooper; Naomi King; Lush Ice; Charley Crespo; Tony Mandich; Larry Yasgur; Dawn Bridges; Doug Morris; Shelly Cooper; Sara Gore; Andy Lamb; Daryl Estrea; Jimmie Trammel; Angela Tarantino; and BELLA!
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G.H. Harding

VISCONTI’S THE NAME DAMMIT(Via Dig) Tony Visconti will be celebrated with a new career-spanning 4CD/6LP set, Produced By Tony Visconti, released on 20 October.

The legendary producer has curated the 77-track (with 60 & 14 on vinyl) compilation, pulling together classics from David Bowie, T. Rex, U2, Dexys, Joe Cocker and many more, alongside gems from The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Thin Lizzy, The Radiators, Zaine Griff, Gentle Giant, Manic Street Preachers and more from Tony’s 50 years behind the desk. Of the set, Tony says, “This boxset covers five and a half decades of my efforts in the art of making iconic recordings. Some of it is familiar and some will have a eureka moment, ‘I didn’t know Visconti produced that one!’”

Widely recognized as one of the most important producers of the rock age, Tony has helped create countless classic musical moments and continues to inspire generations of musicians and producers. In September 2016, Kingston University opened Visconti Studio, a tape-based recording studio in partnership with Visconti, the British Library and the Science Museum.

Produced By Tony Visconti will be released in strictly limited edition signed deluxe 4CD and 6LP and standard 4CD and 2LP sets. The 4CD set is housed in a deluxe 80-page casebound book and the 6LP set is housed in a deluxe slipcase with a 60-page (12×12) booklet, with previously unseen photographs, an introduction by Tony, extensive track-by-track liner notes by author and journalist Mark Paytress (including track-by-track commentaries by Tony), and tributes from a selection of featured artists.

First off, I’d put Visconti right up with the likes of George Martin and Aridf Mardin as a major producer, but he’s a tough nut to digest. An associate told me that he walked out of The Rolling Stones’ special album-launch last week, because he had to give up his phone and the wait was too long. I’ve met him formally and informally many times and he was nothing but rude both times. Sure, he’s an eccentric legend for sure, but a bad attitude is never a good thing.

He also worked on a record by the Boston-based band The Singhs, called Science Fiction and that record suspiciously quickly disappeared. I bet there’s a juicy story behind that for sure.

The T. Rex records are nothing short of phenomenal, so for those, there’s always a special place in my heart for Visconti.

And, just for the record, Miki Singh’s Supersaturated (2008) is a fantastic album.

SHORT TAKES — Micky Dolenz will appear on KTLA’s Countdown To 2024; along with Foghat, Air Supply and possibly Chicago and has his in-store at Wuxtry Records -in Athens, Georgia- this Friday (11-3). The legendary Henry Diltz will be on hand to capture the event on film …

80-year-old Philip Norman, a terrific writer who has done books on Eric Clapton; John Lennon; and Elton John, among others, has a new one out on Beatle-George Harrison titled The Reluctant Beatle. Here’s how trade-rag Kirkus begins their review:  “Fuck off…can’t you see I’m meditating?” Thus quoth George—never Sir George, for unlike bandmates Sir Paul and Sir Ringo, Harrison was never knighted. That fact, reports longtime Beatle-watcher Norman, seems to have rankled, for if Harrison seemed to be bucking for sainthood throughout much of his too-short life, he was also all too human.” Interesting to say the least. We just got our copy and will report. Also, just for the record, it’s an awful photo of George for the cover … Here’s the trailer for Sara Bareilles’ Waitress film:

Still housebound I’ve been listening to streaming iHeart 80’s Flashback and have heard a ton of Madonna; Michael Jackson; Huey Lewis; Debbie Gibson and Genesis. Sad to say, but no Madge-music after her True Blue (1986) album and the Jackson-music sounds as robust as ever …

(Via Broadway News) The Who’s Tommy will return to Broadway in spring 2024. The musical revival will begin performances on March 8, 2024, ahead of an official opening of March 28 at the Nederlander Theatre. The production will mark a transfer of the 2023 Jeff Award-winning mounting from Chicago’s Goodman Theatre. Helmed by the musical’s original Tony Award-winning director Des McAnuff, the revival is described as a reimagined version of the show, which first opened on Broadway in 1993. The Who’s Tommy features a Tony-winning score by Pete Townshend, who co-wrote the Tony-nominated book with McAnuff. The musical is an adaptation of the band The Who’s 1969 album of the same name, which — at the time — was described by critics as a rock opera” …

Brad LeBeau

Check out marketing-exec Brad LeBeau’s profile in SKOPE … The SAG/AFTRA strikes goes into its 26th week. The new Fall TV schedule is decimated and my sources say it may not well but settled until we’re in 2024 … RIP Richard Moll and Matthew Perry.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Peter Brown; Jonathan Clyde; Anthony Pomes; Eppy; Barry Fisch; Lou Reed; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Tony King; Joe Friar; Randy Alexander; Lee Jeske; Brian Belfiglio; Denis McNamara; Melissa Davis; Deb Caponetta; Kent & Laura Denmark; Mark Bego; Whoopi Goldberg; Lara Logan; and CHIP!

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