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David Sauvage’s Empath Tells His Journey of Feeling Other’s Emotions

David Sauvage’s Empath Tells His Journey of Feeling Other’s Emotions
David Sauvage

David Sauvage Photo by Mark Abramson

em·path: a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

David Sauvage

David Sauvage Photo by Mark Abramson

After a sold-out run this April, David Sauvage brings back his one-man show Empath to a new audience at Theaterlab, 357 W. 36th Street. The show follows Sauvage’s path from self-proclaimed “typical Jewish cynic” and small-time director through the discovery of his gift for experiencing the emotions of others. Along the way, he losses himself then finds himself through ayahuasca, Burning Man, and the feelings of others.

David Sauvage

David Sauvage Photo by Mark Abramson

Sauvage is a charismatic man and he definitely has a gift for writing, speaking, and healing. Before setting out and reading the audience, Sauvage smudged the room. Knowing the reason for this, I was appreciative as safe spaces are always the best. Three audience members were chosen, and I was one of them. I volunteered, as I am an empath and I wanted to see how real he was. Though he did not pick up on the fact that I am this (most psychics tell me this the minute they meet me), he did pick up on something very interesting. I have been changing my vibration to be one of love with the help of some healer friends of mine. I am impatient about the progress and at times frustrated at the way the world seems blinded by what is truly going on. Sauvage picked up on all of this.

David Sauvage

David Sauvage Photo by Mark Abramson

The second person to be read, as well as her boyfriend, were also amazed at what he said about her. I won’t disclose her story as it is hers to tell.

David Sauvage

David Sauvage Photo by Mark Abramson

The third man brought me to tears. Just looking at him I was filled with his enormous amount of grief. He was like an open wound; festering and so in pain. Sauvage picked that up as well as the fact the boy’s mom had passed away. He was a hard read for Sauvage, as he felt a connection to the boy and stated he and I are very much alike.

After the readings, Sauvage lead the group through a meditation to help clear any emotions that we had picked up. Still in tears, I was grateful for this and found it helpful.

The direction by Catie Davis was well done as well as the fabulous lighting and sound design by Broadway’s Jake DeGroot.

Afterward, there is a Q & A which I stayed for. It was informative but made me sad at the amount of work this world needs.

You can still see Empath – it is presented by Theaterlab in partnership with the Joy Effect at the Theaterlab located at 357 W. 36th on the third floor.

Thursday, December 6 @ 8pm

Friday, December 7 @ 8pm

Saturday, December 8 @ 8pm

Sunday, December 9 @ 5pm


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