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Day 2: On The Set in Times Square With Wonderama

Day 2: On The Set in Times Square With Wonderama

Filming has started on the national syndication kids show Wonderama in Times Square. Emmy nominated host David Osmond was there with the following guests.

Ed Schloeman and Operation Warrior Shields

Animaze X

  • AniMaze X brings the worlds of anime, childhood nostalgia, and your imagination to life in a modern way for both young and old.  Covering musical themes such as superheroes, popular cartoons, Disney classics, Broadway, and more, AniMaze X will guarantee a magical experience for all ages!
  • Performance 1: “Strawberry Fields”
  • Performance 2: “Working on the Railroad”
Lady D and Errol Rappaport

Lady D

  • “Lady D” is a multi-talented powerhouse who has been dancing since she was old enough to walk. Singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress, Diana has enjoyed the Wonderama stage before moved J.LO to tears on “NBC’s World of Dance” at the age of 11.
  • Performance 1: “Wait”
  • Performance 2: “Dance With Me”
  • Performance 3: “Because of You” with Matteo Bok

Matteo Bok

  • With Italian charm, bad boy tattoos, and a contagious smile, Matteo Markus Bok makes heads turn on the street, but the crowd stops when the songs start. He’ll shine light in your life with songs that bring happiness and joy.
  • Performance 1: “El Ritro”
  • Performance 2: “Muero Por Ti”
  • Performance 3: “Because of You” with Lady D. 

Raquel Reigns

  • Raquel enjoys being a full time content creator with over 1 million followers on TikTok and sings her fan’s requests under a bridge in Queens, NYC.
  • Performance 1: “Tell Me”
  • Performance 2: “My Give Ups All Gone”
David Osmond and Lady D

Lil Asmar

  • Lil Asmar founded his group, “Lil Asmar and the Garden State Prodigies,” by finding like-minded kids with a common interest: music. Making music with Leah Jenea, fellow Wonderama-nite, is just one way this group is guaranteed to wow the crowd.
  • Performance 1: “LA Remix Detroit”
  • Performance 2: “Got to be Real”
  • Performance 3: “When I Think About the Music” feat. Leah Jenea

Leah Jenea

  • Many will recall Leah Jenea from her dazzling debut on Fox’s The Four: Battle For Stardom, where she wowed the judges as one of the show’s youngest competitors and quickly rose to become a fan favorite.
  • Performance 1: “Melody”
  • Performance 2: “Aux Cord”
  • Performance 3: “When I Think About the Music” with Lil Asmar and the Garden State Prodigies

You can catch the fun all week.

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