December Astrology

December Astrology

December Astrology

Sagittarius: Happy Birthday Sag! Your independence and confidence are up a few notches this month, this allows you to strengthen business ties. Mercury in retrograde mid month will call you to take the initiative to achieve your goals. You have a little extra cash and will indulge in the purchase of luxury items, personal accessories or traveling abroad. Your relationships will be harmonious. If you work just a little bit harder you will achieve more stability.

Capricorn: Spiritual and mystical are the key words for you this month my lovely seagoats. Your intuition is spot on, so let it guide you in all you do. You will feel the urge to play a role in helping others and might find yourself doing random acts of kindness or charitable works. Remember to soften the edges when dealing with others. A little tact will go a long way.  In love you seek companionship mixes with passion. You will find yourself with a deeper sense of commitment this time around.  Health ailments can greatly benefit from a steady coarse of action. You will make the necessary changes . Cheers to you for your in for a very romantic and fun New Years.

Aquarius: Your hard work pays off the month of December . Your professional accomplishments are recognized and you receive the proper recognition. Work could produce some upsetting or challenging moments in the beginning of the month, however you sort them out quickly and move on with it. In the romantic department you will be spending time with someone special through the holidays. Social activities thread with professional responsibilities for a win win. You will be more aware of health concerns and you rise to any challenges making the necessary changes to bring a successful outcome. Healthy foods and excercise are key.

Pisces: More than ever dear Pisces, your profession takes the lead. Your desire to achieve is at the top of your list. You are highly motivated and can achieve a great deal. These achievements move things forward very quickly.  Financial gain is in play and provides very lucrative rewards. You might travel overseas for work. You have the support of friends and family in any new business ventures. You will be fairly low key on the dating seen this month. For those in relationships you seek self expression and romantic opportunities. Reduce stresses with proper rest, spiritual  pursuits and daily exercise. Key Word: Celebrate. Celebrate you, your accomplishments and your creativity .

Aries: Rapid progress Aries. You’re all about accomplishing your goals.  You will change gears quickly, jumping through hoops to get it done. Love is wonderful this month and you tend to be very physical and romantic. Spirituality is the key for you, bringing  all relationships closer together. Allow others to be of assistance. New projects will be of interest and will be successful after the new year.

Taurus: This month could start off with a few pitfalls. There might be some strife or backlash from previous actions. Karma can snap back. These are lessons needed to be learned, for you to grow in a more positive direction. You will be feeling a little more grounded at the close of the month. Your heart will be warm and generous and creating a bond with loved ones is now a priority.

Gemini: Your quick witted Gemini. Things are good. You are very social and crave companionship. Romance or the pursuit of it is top of list. There will be success with a startup businesses and the time is favorable for new job opportunities. Health issues can be a bit challenging, so make sure to recharge your batteries after all those hot steamy evenings.

Cancer: Alleluia! Finally some free time! You will use this wisely, as your focus will be on nurturing your family. You must allow yourself to go with flow of things. It is ok to compromise, for this will create peaceful waters. Financially it is a comfortable time. If you invest toward the end of the month, it will be lucrative. December is harmonious and charged with high waves of passions. Key Word : Forgive, Let go, move on and live!

Leo: Feeling frisky! Rather robust? Relationships have an extra sizzle this month and you will be content. You are delighted to entertain and socialize. You will work overtime to dissolve family disputes. Any business plans or financial plan are best left to the very end of month or after New Year. You are feeling good as lingering health issues seem to improve like magic. Eating well and daily exercise will have you purring.

Virgo: You are in the holiday spirit, decorating your home, as you spend time with family. This December your focus will be with your family and friends, so enjoy all the social activities presented to you at this time. Make sure to get enough rest and relaxation. Yoga and mediation are big!  Financially you will make investment in real estate that pay off. You clear up old debts paving the way for new uncluttered year.

Libra: Libra you find yourself driven towards higher education this month. You will seek out a class or a group that will stimulate your mind. It is possible that you are setting up a new business or desire to create a more affluent one. This is a very interesting time where you are not relying on anyone but yourself. Family ties are important as you strive to create harmony and peaceful situation between friends and family members. Sometimes it is a smart move to leave religious and political views locked away for an evening. You bring in the New Year in a very pleasing way.

Scorpio: In the first part of the month you might find it a bit rocky with”the family and friends list. ” There will be many demands made. Your on overload as you try to juggle the needs of everyone else. After mid month there will be lots of social activity thanks to the holidays. Your passion factor heats up and you are off the charts sexy and confident! December promises a great deal of business activity and you will see financial rewards throughout the entire month.

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