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December Astrology

December Astrology

SAGITTARIUS: In Your everyday dealings you will seek a more secure grounding. Seek out people who will offer you substance instead of a superficial high. New projects keep you busy throughout the month. Your mood could effect your health so don’t allow things to get out of hand, baby yourself a little and take a day or two for yourself! Be patient with all areas of your life.even when things might not look like the are taking root for they actually are planting themselves and will flourish in the future months ahead.Good vibes are a must so say goodbye to anything preventing your happiness in your life. Happy Birthday.

CAPRICORN: Spending time with a significant other is very enjoyable for you Capricorn as you are exploring new venues of entertainment. Even though the first two weeks are a little low energy, you will perk right up mid month as you get involved in group activities. Gifts come to you in many different packages. At the end of the month, you will find it touches your heart in an extraordinary ways.

AQUARIUS: Do not mix pleasure and business together for this combination might have a toxic effect. Even if your dealings this month might be a little frustrating, you balance it out with enjoying many invitations and gifts from dear friends. Your love life is very nice. Favorable outcomes in love. If married it is a nice time to rekindle you romantic bonds. If single you might get married or meet a very significant other. Enjoy this holiday season with some good old fashion lovin.

PISCES: It is a good time to partner up. You could wind up in the public eye. You will be surrounded by influential friends or partners. Business opportunities take a shift and it opens up unexpected doors that bring great successes in your life. You have much more energy going into 2016. This month is joyous and full of new people and places to go. Don’t be surpized if a extra special gift makes it under your tree.

ARIES: Don’t get ahead of yourself! You might want to take a moment to be in the moment. BE IN THE NOW! Yes, you are charged and ready be the warrior that you are! Your natural instincts are to be the achiever. It is advisable to be empathetic when dealing with others. You extend yourself by volunteering. Your money house is flowing with extra earnings coming your way so give to someone who could use a little help would be a really good thing. Take care of your health. Now is not the time for reckless behavior. December will be a warm month as family comes together for happy tidings .

TAURUS: Passion and creativity are what December is about for you Taurus, you struggle a bit trying to manage ambitious money making ventures and your desire to discover the deeper spirituality within. Your interested in traveling to new places is heightened and you will continue to explore this new energy way into 2016. Relationships can prove challenging. In order to grow you will have to face your own truths (the hard cold facts babies) Thou Shall Not Judge! As you past this small test, your relationships will become closer, including the one you have with your spiritual self.

GEMINI: Love, love & hot passionate love! This is a very romantic month for Gemini’s. Look forward to close encounters and marriage proposals. Your family and friends are closer to you then ever. Opportunities present themselves, look for promotions and new business opportunities. Have a happy month!

CANCER: In the beginning of December you are more interested in relaxing with a good book. As you approach the middle of the month your energy becomes revved up and your desire to meet new people and experience new places drives you out of your homebody self. You will enjoy the festivities in December as you ring in the New Year with a more intimate tone. Very lovely.

LEO: Your energy is high on romance. Your month heats up with rekindling your current relationship or starting a whirlwind love affair that might have a very interesting future. This a Lucky time. Enjoy your financial success with a shopping spree is always a must! In business meetings you will present your ideas with confidence. Leo, your month appears blissful!

VIRGO: December brings communication to the table, as it becomes easier for you to have emotional conversations with friends and family. You might secure a relationship or meet the “one.” It is good to stay steadfast in your business dealings, not a time to gamble. Walk in your truth as this will deepen your relationship with yourself and guide you on the next path. As you continue the journey you will have the opportunity to change the lives of others in the most positive way, that is grace.

LIBRA: Your feeling a bit irritable in the beginning of the month . Make sure to get enough rest, even though you want to take action your stamina is a little lower then usual. Yoga and meditation are good outlets. The middle of the month gets interesting as you push ahead with creative ideas. Make sure you capitalize on business opportunities. Shopping is very enjoyable for you this holiday season. You feel a little like Santa! Santa Baby!!

SCORPIO: A positive environment is essential for your well being, make every effort to create this environment for yourself. Friends and family are key. Business is good, you will work vigorously to secure your place in the limelight. Enjoy intimate time with close friends and family for the holidays.

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