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This December, Disney looks to bring back to the screen the most beloved franchise of all time. Breaking the Internet during presales and making grown men weep during 2 minute trailers, Star Wars: The Force Awakens could easily become the highest grossing film of all time. While most have had the 18th circled on their calendar since the first Star Wars trailer, it’s easy to forget that there are other movies coming out this December. With several possible hidden gems sprinkled throughout the month, let’s take a look at the films coming out that will be trying to capture some of the mind share that Star Wars already has a tight force grip around.

December 4

Krampus: He made his list and checked it twice, now he’s coming after those who are naughty! While Santa is scheduled to visit the nice children on the 25th, Krampus, a demonic figure will be punishing those who have made the naughty list. During a holiday gathering, a dysfunctional family finds their son has lost the Christmas spirit, bringing a foul beast to add a little bloody Christmas magic. The family must join together in an attempt to ward off this ancient evil. It looks like director Michael Dougherty is trying to bring legitimacy to the mythical holiday demon. Starring Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and David Koechner, coal should be the least of your concerns this holiday season.

Chi-Raq: Brooklyn’s finest, director Spike Lee is back, only this time he is adapting the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes. The New York native is leaving his hometown and bringing this modern day adaptation to Chicago, set against the backdrop of brutal gang violence. Featuring Teyonah Parris, Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes, Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack, Dave Chappelle, and Jennifer Hudson.

Macbeth: Continuing December’s theme of adapting plays, William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy comes to the screen again. Winter is coming and Michael Fassbender’s Macbeth is on the prowl to overthrow his king and take the iron throne for his own in this classic tale of love, jealousy, and betrayal. Since being released overseas, director Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth is being praised for being faithful to its source material as well as Fassbender and Marion Cotillard making an early push to add their names into the Oscar nomination hat. It has been a few years since a true adaption of a Shakespeare play has donned the big screen; Macbeth is making a case that the wait was worth it.

Christmas Eve: Keeping with the tradition of packing as many well-known actors into one holiday themed film like Love Actually and New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve follows six different groups of New Yorkers stuck inside elevators on Christmas Eve during a power outage. Patrick Stewart, James Roday, Jon Heder, Julianna Guill, Gary Cole and Cheryl Hines bring in the New Year as hilarity and romance ensue.

December 11 

In the Heart of the Sea: Looking to be a whale of a good time this holiday season, acclaimed director Ron Howard brings the real-life maritime disaster that would inspire Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. While most know the story of how the giant sperm whale was captured, In the Heart of the Sea is based on the 1820 event, as a New England ship is preyed upon by the large mammal, stranding Chris Hemsworth and his crew at sea for 90 days, thousands of miles from home. Braving ferocious storms, starvation, being pushed to their limits and forced to do the unthinkable to stay alive, all while pursuing the world’s deadliest catch. Thor’s Chris Hemsworth has met his greatest match.

Legend: What is better than having Tom Hardy star in a gangster film? How about twice the dose of Tom Hardy! Hardy portrays the infamous identical twin gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray as they rise to power in London during the 1960s. To show off his acting chops, Hardy plays opposite himself.  Hardy’s performance is being hailed as electrifying and one might even call it…legen…wait for it…dary.

The Big Short: In what looks to be this holiday’s breakout hit in the vein of 2013’s Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle, The Big Short follows four financial advisors that predicted the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s. Directed by Adam Mckay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) and based on the true story and best-selling book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side, Moneyball) Featuring some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, look for Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Marisa Tomei, and Steve Carell, The Big Short is shaping up to one of the biggest movies in December if the market doesn’t bottom out in the meantime.

December 18

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: At this point, uld be the biggest movie of the decade? I hope you bought your ticket already because if not, you might be seeing Star Wars after the New Year.Breaking the Internet with its record setting pre-sales, already totaling in over $50 million, Star Wars fever has swept over the world. Director J.J. Abrams and Disney have done a fantastic job hiding as many plot pointsfrom the audience during its promotional material, even with what little that is known, we are still frothing at the mouth waiting once more to be swept to a galaxy far, far away. Where is Luke Skywalker, did Han Solo and Princess Leia end up together, and who is Kylo Ren are just a few of the many questions that fans can’t wait to have answered as they congregate. Now we wait to find out if the hype was worth it. But wait…what if the films sucks?!

Sisters: What do you get when you have Amy Poehler and Tina Fey starring in a comedy about two sisters that decide to throw one last house party after learning that their parents are selling their childhood home? Director Jason Moore’s Sisters releases the same day as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While 99% of films would be dead in the water releasing against the biggest film franchise in history, thanks to the comedic powerhouses of Poehler and Fey, Sisters might stand a punchers chance of being remembered this holiday season. With a lack of comedies releasing in December, hopefully Sisters is able to fill that void.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip: Rounding out the films that will barely make any noise at the box office thanks to Star Wars, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and their human companion Dave (Jason Lee) are hitting the road. After a series of misunderstandings, the chipmunks believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in Miami and set out on a road trip to prevent from losing their best bud. As the 4th film in the live-action/CGI chipmunk series, odds are this road trip that parallels the release of Star Wars is doomed to crash and burn.

December 25

The Hateful Eight: In his eighth film, director Quentin Tarantino has collected an ensemble like no other. Channing Tatum, Zoë Bell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, and Michael Madsen round out the nefarious cast. In Wyoming, post-Civil War, a bounty hunter, prisoner, hangman, sheriff, Mexican, cow puncher, confederate, and a little man all seek shelter during a blizzard but get wrapped up in a plot of betrayal and deception. Who will make it out alive?

Joy: Stars Jennifer Lawrence and her family across four generations. We begin before she reaches the pinnacle of becoming a business mogul before the rug is pulled out from beneath her feet. Touching on themes of betrayal, deal ing with the emotional scars of love and treachery, Joy is one woman trying to make a name for herself amongst a man-driven society. Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Lawrence reunite once again with American Hustle and Silver Lining Playbook director David O. Russell.

Daddy’s Home: Teaming up for the first time together since The Other Guys, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back in the story about a mild-mannered stepfather (Ferrell) to his wife’s children that is forced to compete for their affection against their free spirited dad as hilarity ensues. With a surprising PG rating, Daddy’s Home will have to depend on sharp comedic writing and perfect timing if it wants to grab the attention of the teen/adult crowd.

Concussion: If there is one film that the NFL does not want you to see this year, it is Will Smith’s Concussion. A true David vs. Goliath, as we follow Dr. Bennet Omalu (Smith) the forensic neuropathologist who first discovered the truth about CTE, a brain trauma caused by repeated concussions in football players. With all of the politics surrounding the film, it will be interesting to see if Smith gets an Oscar nomination.

Point Break: I don’t even know how to explain this travesty of a remake. The original 1991 Point Break is in my top films of all time (don’t judge!) A young FBI agent infiltrates a group of extreme sports athletes that he suspects is masterminding a string heists. In the 90s Keanu Reeves’s character took up surfing to track down the bank robbers. This time an array of extreme sports will be featured in the film to grab the attention of the audience. With Patrick Swayze playing opposite to Reeves in the original, the two were able to build an emotional bond that translated on screen. This time around Point Break will be lucky if it makes a splash is holiday season.

The Reverant

The Revenant: Attacked by a bear, legendary explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is left for dead due to unspeakable betrayal by his hunting party and friend John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). DiCaprio could possible nomination for his almost silent yet physically demanding performance. Speaking of Oscar nominations, this is the highly anticipated follow-up to director Alejandro G. Inarritu’s Birdman and also featuring Emmanuel Lubezki, who is coming off of back-to-back best cinematography wins for Gravity and Birdman. The Revenant is looking to make the final days of 2015 very memorable.


TODAY Show Celebrates 30 Years With Its 2024 Citi Concert Series



The TODAY Show is celebrating 30 years so its 2024 Citi Concert Series lineup is pretty spectacular. Rockefeller Plaza will have country music with Wallows kicking things off. Chris Stapleton, Lainey Wilson and Thomas Rhett, as well as fan favorites Meghan Trainor, LL COOL J and Chance the Rapper.

Mark Your calendars:


Friday, May 24 — Wallows *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, May 31 — Anitta *Register for a Fan Pass


Friday, June 7 — Meghan Trainor *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, June 21 — Kehlani *Register for a Fan Pass

Tuesday, June 25 — Lainey Wilson *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, June 28 — Gracie Abrams *Register for a Fan Pass


Thursday, July 4 — Bleachers *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, July 12 — Rauw Alejandro *Register for a Fan Pass


Friday, Aug. 9 — Maggie Rogers *Register for a Fan Pass

Monday, Aug. 12 — Little Big Town and Sugarland *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, Aug. 16 — Chance the Rapper *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, Aug. 23 — Thomas Rhett *Register for a Fan Pass


Friday, Sept. 27 — Chris Stapleton *Register for a Fan Pass

Date to be announced 

LL COOL J *Check back for Fan Passes

TODAY concerts are free and open to the public. The shows take place on the TODAY Plaza in Rockefeller Center, located at 48th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, in New York City.

The closest subway stop to our TODAY Plaza concerts is the 47th — 50th Streets — Rockefeller Center station on the B, D, F, M trains. 24/7 parking is also available nearby at the Rockefeller Center Parking Garage at 53 West 48th Street. The garage is operated 24/7 and accepts reservations in advance. Hourly and daily parking rates apply.

Fan Passes are limited and available by advance request. Guests who receive them will be notified by email before the scheduled concert date.

Guests who do not obtain a Fan Pass can still attend the General Admission line the morning of the concert, and those fans will be let in if space allows. Other answers to commonly asked questions about the series can be found here.

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Out of Town

Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre Company’s “seven methods of killing kylie jenner” Kills It, Elevating the Dissertation with a Precise Brilliance




Dragging their baggage in with a determined force, these two, dressed in fake fur and leather, enter the space at Crow’s Theatre with manic laughter and a forceful narrative. Sharply and expertly written by British playwright, Jasmine Lee-Jones (Curious), the play dives in with a tightness and fortitude that elevates and enlightens the darkness of its exploration. With a hypnotic frustrated energy, the play masterfully rolls out the seven methods of killing kylie jenner without missing a beat, unpacking the intricate exploration of cultural appropriation and queerness with a sharp precision. Delivered in a modern vernacular that excites, it circles around its formula with a careful carefree existentialism, becoming deeply entwined in the pervasive influence of social media and celebrity culture that can do mental damage to those around them, especially in the arena of the ownership of black bodies online and IRL, as well as the connecting energy and complication of female friendships.

Déjah Dixon-Green in Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre’s seven methods for killing kylie jenner. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

It’s completely hyper-engrossing and thrilling, giving power back provocatively to our heroine, Cleo, dynamically portrayed by Déjah Dixon-Green (Stratford’s Much Ado About Nothing), a young black woman who, after a confessional breakup with her cheating boyfriend, expresses her fevered frustration and anger via Twitter using the profile name @INCOGNEGRO. She dives in with gusto, flying into the fray with an aggressive rage that rarely fizzles. The play unwraps the seven methods in a layered unhurried manner, giving space and time to the framework, while also delivering engagement energy to her forever friend, Kara, fascinatingly well-played by Jasmine Case (Tarragon’s Black Girl in Search Of..), a queer person who has lots to say, both positive and negative, about Cleo’s unpacking online.

Dixon-Green is solid and on point throughout, with Case finding engagement at every turn somewhat brilliantly, and together, they excel in every way possible, finding attunement and synchronized energy throughout. Veering somewhere between real life and the virtual space, the play, as directed with exacting intent by Jay Northcott (Tarragon’s A Poem for Rabia), spirals in a rich media space, focusing its lasers on the framework that the born-wealthy media personality, Kylie Jenner, can call herself “self-made“, basking in the positive warm glow of what that label means to a woman like her, and how it can be felt by a woman like Cleo. The unwrapping is expertly intricate and verbally captivating, forcing us to dive in with these two and pay close-close attention to this vivid exploration of Blackness, queerness, and the way the online world can spiral one way and then another in an instantaneous flash of engagement and brutality.

You think you’re funny, don’t you?” as her tweets spiral into the abstract world of death threats and verbal violence enlightening the space, designed with inventive flair by set designer, Nick Blais (Factory’s Trojan Girls…), with well-formulated video graphics, designed by Laura Warren (Outside the March’s No Save Points), helping guide us through the dynamic experimental argument that expands the needed structure addressed. Jones’ dialogue radiates quick, sharp, clever constructs, expanded in thought, and reduced to a parade of letters in caps most brilliantly. The sexual undercurrents are both hilarious and brazen, giving us ample reason to connect as she fastidiously piles up all the injustices against Black women that are woven into the wording of this expert play, and we find ourselves forever invested in her outcome and ultimate safety.

Jasmine Case and Déjah Dixon-Green in Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre’s seven methods for killing kylie jenner. Photo by Dahlia Katz

Steeped in the language of internet culture, assisted strongly by the sound design of Maddie Bautista (Stratford’s Les Belles-Soeurs), straightforward lighting by Christopher-Elizabeth (CS/Bluebird’s Maanomaa, My Brother), and precise costuming by Des’ree Gray (Coal Mine’s Appropriate), the delivery and online reaction to Cleo’s escalation pushes the agenda outward and upward. Embodying numerous online characters, the two flawless performers combine as an exacting unified force, showcasing Cleo’s viral methods for murder and the resulting pushback from the unseen faceless community that has a lot to say about her tweets. The recitation and debate are raw and deliberate, finding truths and the complicated echoings of racism and rape threats that are honestly horrifying and troubling. It’s a terrifying landscape, displaying the vile and horridness of the internet culture that we all play a part in, either as an active participant or abject denier.

Cleo’s tweets and dissertation gain momentum and the back-and-forth conversation becomes more drenched in blocked anger and hurt, with the two reclaiming their time when needed, as they navigate the difficult cloud space filled with personal dredged-up resentment and smoky spaces of connectivity. Demanding to be heard, yet also needing to find the empathy to apologize when required, these two friends work hard inside the vividness of this captivating play so they don’t get swallowed up whole by the racist violence of the world, even as Cleo vocalizes the seven methods of killing kylie jenner one after the other. Its high-minded viewpoint is crystal clear, and delivered with an expertise that is both thrilling and epic, finding inventive casualness in its meticulous unified delivery.

Gripping tight to our emotional attention with a brilliant determination by writer Jones, the play, while feeling a bit trapped by the body bag hidden in the back, seven methods of killing kylie jenner, produced by Obsidian Theatre in association with Crow’s Theatre, Toronto, finds its sharpness and quick wit in the end, reinventing the meta imaginative exit with the weight of history and cleverness. “What are you going to do now?“, they ask. Well…., I’m going to tell you all that this play is something to engage with, learn from, and completely celebrate, but more importantly, I’m going to tell you to get your tickets and dive into this inventive striking new play without delay or hesitation.

Déjah Dixon-Green in Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre’s seven methods for killing kylie jenner. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre Company’s seven methods of killing kylie jenner. For tickets and more information, click here.

For more go to

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The Glorious Corner



G.H. Harding

RASCALS AT SONY HALL — The Rascals long-awaited return to NYC proved to be a sensational evening of music. Their 16-song set, backed up by a terrific band -including bassist John Billings from Micky Dolenz’s band- was rocking from the start with their “Do You Feel It” and “”Beautiful Morning.” Felix Cavaliere’s vibrant vocals were just a joy. Face it, for people of a certain age, we grew up with this voice … just magical.

Micky Dolenz

Their cover of the Jackie Wilson-chestnut “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) High” set the SRO crowd afire.

Felix then brought his daughter Aria out for two selections. Clearly, she’s inherited by father’s dynamic vocal prowess. She was just terrific and a nice surprise.

Cavaliere then brought out guitarist Gene Cornish who was just wonderful. Gene has had some health issues, but his presence brought the show to a magnificent high-point.

Oddly, there was no mention of the rumored “My Hawaii” from Cavaliere with vocals from Dolly Parton. He mentioned it in a recent interview with Medium, but was mum about it on last Monday’s WOR-interview with Len Berman and Michael Riedel. I hear that the release has been held up several times. Sad … can’t wait to hear it.

The show ended with their signature classics “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long,” “How Can I Be Sure,” “People Got To Be Free” and Good Lovin’.” The Rascals’ music is ingrained and it was a joy to hear it once again. Truth be told, it sounded better than ever!

Seated in a corner booth by the stage was none other than Bill Murray – a huge fan. Great night sensational set. Also, there were Rascals-PR man David Salidor; Dan Zelinski; Billy Amendola; Magda Katz from Times Square Chronicles; and Susan Nuzzi Russo. Thanks to SONY Hall’s Peter Abraham for his assistance.

David Sanborn

DAVID SANBORN — We don’t usually re-print tributes, but this, from David Sanborn’s wife Alice Soyer was so heartfelt.  Take a read:

Dave, my love, my warrior, my soulmate, my unique bird, my everything. I cannot believe what I’m writing right now but what I know is that you changed my life, because of you I know what true love is, I had and have it all. I have it all. Although I’m going to miss you every single minute of my life, I know that the pain you were enduring was not right, those pains are now released and you are completely free. You are and will be in every note, in every breath, in every sound that touches the soul, in every sun beam, in every cloud, in every beat of my heart. Dave you are an inspiration. Your courage to be yourself, to reveal this true voice screaming from inside, oh my love you are a true warrior, a pure artist, an extraordinary being.I will honor you every step on the way, I will represent you, us. I love you madly.

Dave forever

Don Grolnick

SHORT TAKES — First off, I left off one very important member when I referenced The Brecker Brothers last time: keyboardist-genius Don Grolnick: terrifically talented and much-missed …

George Harrison

One of the best parts of watching Let It Be(again!) was seeing John & Yoko dancing to George Harrison’s stunningly-beautiful “I Me Mine.” Awesome…  From Roger Friedman’s SHOWBIZ 411:Barbra Streisand just released a new a beautiful new single called “Love Will Survive,” for the closing credits of the upcoming series “The Tattooist of Auschwitz.” It’s maybe Streisand’s best new vocal in years thanks to producers Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey’s classics) and Peter Asher (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor classics). So now I’m told Streisand has booked the producing duo for her next album of duets. Barbra has a couple of these under her belt over her six decade career. But this one sounds like a powerhouse … Great interview with Micky Dolenz in advance of his Surf Ballroom show Friday in Clear Lake, Iowa:

Francis Ford Coppola

With this year’s Cannes  Film Festival underway, the first big movie screened was Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis and it generated some of the craziest reviews I’ve ever seen.

Mostly positive. Coppola’s a genius, so you know to expect the unexpected. I think my favorite was from the UK’s Daily Telegraph which gave the movie four stars, saying, “Coppola’s latest is like Succession crossed with Batman Forever and a lava lamp… Aubrey Plaza is fantastic in this full-body sensory bath movie which follows a struggle for power among the elites of New Rome.” Me? I can’t wait to see it. The guy’s a bloody genius … 17-year-old wunderkind Kjersti Long -co writer of Vanessa Williams’ current return to music “Legs (Keep Dancing)”- heads to NYC for the Tribeca Festival in 2 weeks … And Apple TV’s Sugar -with Colin Farrell- ended its run. The first few episodes were great; very LA Confidential, but then, it turned into a sci-fi adventure. Odd? You bet. The ending left room for a second season, but I highly doubt it. Farell was great, but the topsy-turvy plot twist was brutal.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — August Darnell; Coati Mundi; Jeff Vogel; Kent Kotal; Bruce Grakal; Ringo Starr; Danny Fried; China Club; Tony King; Peter Brown; Mark Bego; Kent & Laura Denmark Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Peter Abraham; Peter Lubin; Steve Plotnicki; Profile Records; Joe Cocker; Lush Ice; Anthony Pomes; Terry Jastrow; and BELLA!

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Rockers On The Rise With Love



A special celebration titled Rockers On The Rise With Love took place on Sunday, May 12, 2024 at 6 p.m. at The Cutting Room, featuring some of the most talented young performers of the next generation.

Rockers on the Rise that includes-Sylvia Smith, Nick Allen, Audrey Simone Winters, Gus Schonfeld, Avery Rehl, Melanie Correa, Claudia Fabella, GG Roberts-Nguyen, Jackson Pressier, Reese Rehl, Isabelle Gottfried, Matteo Russo and Tyson Gottfried

The performers included the graduating high school seniors, class of 2024

Isabelle Gottfried

Isabelle Gottfried


Avery Rehl

Avery Rehl

Matteo Russo

Matteo Russo (The Many Saints Of Newark)

Sylvia Smith

Sylvia Smith; and other young rockers

Nick Allen

Nick Allen

Claudia Fabella and her mother

Claudia Fabella

GG Roberts-Nguyen

GG Roberts-Nguyen

Tyson Gottfried

Tyson Gottfried

Jackson Pressier

Jackson Preisser

Gus Schonfeld

Gus Schonfeld

Jurnee Swan

Jurnee Swan (The Piano Lesson)

Audrey Simone Winters

Audrey Simone Winters (The Sound Of Music (tour).

Donnie Kehr and Cori Gardner join with Sylvia Smith, Avery Rehl, Isabelle Gottfried and Matteo Russo

Reese Rehl, Scott Rehl and Avery Rehl

The Band-Gerard Canonico, Gary Bristol, Logan Medland and Steve Gibb

Donnie Kehr and Jeremey Schonfeld with the band Gerard Canonico, Gary Bristol, Logan Medland and Steve Gibb

The creative team was led by director Kehr; Executive Producer Cori Gardner; with music direction by Logan Medland (A Bronx Tale)

Reese Rehl and Avery Rehl

and with student executive producing by Avery Rehl, The band includes Gerard Canonico on drums (Almost Famous), Gary Bristol on bass (Glory Days), and Steve Gibb on guitar (Jersey Boys)

Gus Schonfeld and Jeremy Schonfeld

Special guest Jeremy Schonfeld (Drift) will join a special performance with his daughter Gus.

Claudia Fabella

Isabelle Gottfried, Avery Rehl, Sylvia Smith and Matteo Russo

Avery Rehl

Reese Rehl

Gus Schonfeld\

Jackson Preisser

GG Roberts-Nguyen

Isabelle Gottfried

Nick Allen

Matteo Russo and Sylvia Smith

Jackson Preisser

Jurnee Swan

Jurnee Swan

Avery Rehl and Donnie Kehr

Donnie Kehr

Nick Allen

The entire cast that includes-Isabelle Gottfried, Avery Rehl, Matteo Russo, Sylvia Smith, Nick Allen, Melanie Correa, Claudia Fabella, GG Roberts-Nguyen, Tyson Gottfried, Jackson Preisser, Reese Rehl, Gus Schonfeld, Jurnee Swan and Audrey Simone Winters

The entire cast that includes-Isabelle Gottfried, Avery Rehl, Matteo Russo, Sylvia Smith, Nick Allen, Melanie Correa, Claudia Fabella, GG Roberts-Nguyen, Tyson Gottfried, Jackson Preisser, Reese Rehl, Gus Schonfeld, Jurnee Swan and Audrey Simone Winters

Rockers On The Rise is The PATH Fund’s new mentorship initiative that enables young artists to audition, perform, direct and produce their own shows. With personalized mentoring and hands-on training to gain real-world experience, this new initiative builds tomorrow’s audience today.

Melanie Correa


Gus Schonfeld and Alexandra Schonfeld

Matt Lange and Avery Rehl

Reese Rehl

Jackson Pressier and Reese Rehl



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Ken Fallin’s Broadway: Amy Winehouse



Back to Black is a biopic based on the life of British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, played by Marisa Abela. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and written by Matt Greenhalgh, the film also stars Jack O’Connell, Eddie Marsan, and Lesley Manville.

After the death of Winehouse in 2011, filmmakers attempted to create a feature biopic with various projects. In October 2018, it was announced that Winehouse’s estate had signed a deal to make a biopic about her life and career. In July 2022, Deadline Hollywood reported that StudioCanal was moving forward with a feature film entitled Back to Black. Sam Taylor-Johnson directed from a script by Matt Greenhalgh. Alison Owen and Debra Hayward produced under their Monumental Pictures banner, alongside Nicky Kentish-Barnes.

The film was released theatrically in Australia in April 2024, and was released in the United Kingdom shortly after. Focus Features released the film in the United States on May 17 2024.

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