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Dedicate Special Lip-Smacking Cakes to Your Brother On Occasion of Bhai Dooj

Dedicate Special Lip-Smacking Cakes to Your Brother On Occasion of Bhai Dooj

Just like Raksha Bandhan, the festival of Bhai Dooj too is a symbol of love between a brother and sister. There is always a unique understanding between siblings. They are like best friends to who share any secret with each other and can become protectors of each other, when in need. Such is the unconditional love between a brother and sister. It is difficult to define love, emotions and feelings between siblings. However, there are special occasions to acknowledge the pious relation between brothers and sisters, and Bhaiya Dooj is one such festival.

In this wonderful festival, sisters pray to God for the longevity, well-being, and prosperity for their dear brothers. As cakes are popular desserts enjoyed on special occasions, making them a part of your Bhai Dooj celebrations is a wonderful idea. Now, to make your brother feel more special, you must make special arrangements with a wonderful Bhai Dooj cake to mark your love and respect for him. And, it is possible by logging on to as much online shopping sites that are equipped with a plethora of yummilious cake items in multiple flavours and designs. It depends on your choice to whether go for a cake of your Bhaiya’s choice and make him overwhelmed with surprise and emotional feelings.

Vanilla Cake

 If your dear brother has a great fondness for Vanilla flavor, then opt for delicious Vanilla cake online, and surprise him of his own choice of taste with fresh vanilla cream and creamy floral designs. The creaminess of the vanilla cream combined with the soft and spongy bread in the centre will make him feel enjoyable for its taste.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake topped with fresh chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles is a wonderful pick for this utterly special occasion. This scrumptious delicacy will make your bhaiya salivate just by its looks.

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry fruit delight cake, which is garnished with fresh cream, sugar syrup, liquid chocolate as well as Strawberry fruit and other fresh fruits toppings is a delightful sweet to make Bhai Dooj celebrations more special and memorable. The one single bite of this cake is surely going to uplift your brother’s mood at once.

Black Forest Cake

Another very exciting delightful option to surprise your brother this Bhai Dooj is Black Forest cake. The cake is covered with fresh vanilla and chocolate cream, chocolate shavings, creamy floral designs, and cherries. The creamy and delicious white and chocolate cream will enhance the celebration mood with utmost joy.

Photo Cakes

The next best option is photo cakes which are very trendy nowadays. If you want to make a selection for this cake, then you need to make a best selection of your brother pictures, be it from childhood or anything which seems playful or it can be of picture of you along with your Bhaiya. After finalising for final picture, get it placed on the photo cake online. He will dance with joy when see this cake on occasion of divine festival of Bhai Dooj.

Designer Cakes

Designer cakes too are best in catching eye balls with fantastic design and relishing taste. Make a selection for this cake on the special occasion of Bhai Dooj as a flabbergasting surprise for your brother. Among the designer cakes, you can choose for chocolate orange cake that is garnished on top with fresh cream, liquid chocolate, orange fruit syrup and chocolate pieces. It is baked to perfection to offer a relishing sweet and chocolaty treat for the dear ones.

Butterscotch Cake

Looking for more delicious choices? Then have a look for butterscotch cakewith fresh cream, chocolate pieces and caramel syrup on top. It’s attractive and delicious features makes it a preferable cake for all moments of joy.

Pineapple Cakes

Another very exciting and lip smacking choice to make is Pineapple cake with beautiful creamy, pineapple and cherry toppings. It is ideal for all occasion including Bhaiya Dooj.

There are options for half Kg delectable cakes like black forest cake, Crunchy chocolate cake, Ferrero Choco cake, Choco-vanilla cake, delicious white almond cake, black currant cake, caramel cake, Choco-mocha cake, Choco-almond cake, Choco fantasy cake with fresh cream, liquid chocolate and waffle roll sticks, and lots more. With all such wonderful relishing options, now it is easy for you to select a Bhaiya Dooj cake of any yummy taste flavour from authentic online shopping portal like and many others.


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