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Definition and Application of Trenching in Construction Projects

Definition and Application of Trenching in Construction Projects

There are a number of industries which rely on advanced methods of drilling and trenching to complete a certain project. Laying pipes and cables underground to perform specific functions related to utilities, telecommunications, and transportation are challenging situations especially when working in a populated or urban area.

Trenching is a technique used to install pipes and cables to minimise environmental disruption in some commercial applications. In addition to directional drilling, trenching is popularly used in construction projects of different scales.

Different types of trenching equipment

In general, trenching machines are designed to cut through earth similar to how a chainsaw would cut down a tree. A trencher efficiently removes soil and other underground debris to create a uniform trench. This machine increases productivity and reduces the need to dig trenches by hand. Contractors appreciate how much they save on labour costs and time by using trenchers.

There are different types of trenchers used in a variety of applications. If you are looking to rent a trencher for your next project, these two types are commonly available from rental companies:

  • Chain trencher. A chain trencher has a similar design principle to a chainsaw. A chain or digging belt cuts through the ground. The digging belt is wrapped around a boom or metal frame. With this type of trencher, you can adjust the cut depth easily to match the project requirements. Chain trenchers are quite flexible and can dig narrow or deep trenches; hence, preferred by utility companies.
  • Wheel trencher. This type of trencher uses a toothed metal wheel to cut through soft or hard soil. Wheel trenches are commonly used when working in areas with a lot of rock formations. These trenchers are capable of cutting through pavement and create access for laying down pipes and cables for utility companies.

These trenchers significantly reduce the amount of time required to install underground pipes and cables. As such, it minimises inconvenience on the project site’s surrounding area.

Uses of trenching

Trenchers are versatile enough for use in different functions. Aside from primarily creating a uniform opening in the soil surface, you can also use a trencher for the following functions:

  • Cut pavement. Wheel trenchers can cut through cement pavement and small rock formations and other difficult surface conditions. Aside from utility companies, wheel trenches also aid in road projects.
  • Drainage construction.You can also use trenchers for creating drainage used in water or sewage run-off. After creating a trench, you can lay down underground piping for irrigation.
  • Shovelling soil.Even homeowners can use portable walk-behind trenches for home projects like shovelling soil.
  • Installation of electrical wires.In some residential projects, you may need to install telecommunication wires underground to connect the home to the main source. You can use a trencher to reduce the amount of time it takes to cut open the ground and lay cables and wires.

Trenching equipment is extremely helpful in some industrial and commercial projects. Using trenchers not only cuts down project time but also improves the quality of work done.

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