Adam Stefanowski is making waves in the spirits industry with his company Deluxe Distribution and their flagship product, Deluxe Crystal Vodka. As an importer of the ultra-premium vodka in the United States, Stefanowski is witnessing a bright future for his business and the market as a whole.

Adam Stefanowski

Originally from Poland, Stefanowski came to the United States for work and travel but eventually became a successful business visionary. He noticed a gap in the spirits industry for a standout vodka selection and began his search for the perfect product. After months of research, he came across a Polish company that owned the ultra-premium vodka that would change his destiny forever.

Stefanowski founded Deluxe Distribution LLC, which he runs with his sister, becoming the exclusive importer and Illinois distributor of Deluxe Crystal Vodka for the US market. Their vision is to revolutionize the US market by bringing a premium, high-quality product that caters to the discerning tastes of even the most demanding customers. Deluxe Crystal Vodka offers a unique blend of natural ingredients and advanced distillation techniques, resulting in a vodka that stands out in terms of flavor, smoothness, and overall drinkability.

The brand’s originality is highlighted on each bottle with a distinct hologram, and the vodka itself is made with glacial water, resulting in a pure tasting water that ensures you never have to worry about a hangover. The combination of wheat and rye cereals creates a soft, delicate taste with a subtly perceptible malt to emphasize the grand character of the vodka. After being distilled ten times, it undergoes a five-fold filtration process, including the use of coconut shells to activate carbon and 24k gold and real diamonds to enhance the ultimate drinking experience. The filtration process is repeated twice, and the goal of flawless pure vodka is obtained after two years.

Stefanowski’s mission is built on transparency, reliability, and perfection, defining himself as an innovative professional importer and US market owner. He continues to thrive in a field that brings wealth and prosperity for him, as well as a complete luxury lifestyle for those who drink his brand. From influential celebrities to connoisseurs, Deluxe Crystal Vodka is loved and enjoyed by all.