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Demystifying IPTV in the Entertainment Realm

Demystifying IPTV in the Entertainment Realm

If you are not part of the ardent media followers, chances are you haven’t heard about IPTV. However, there’s a good chance that you have been using the service for several years. There is also a fair chance that you will use it more often in the coming future. IPTV has been growing tremendously in demand, with novel services and providers competing alongside traditional TV by offering more IPTV perks.

But what exactly is IPTV and how does it work? Can you use it to enhance your TV watching experience?

Understanding IPTV

In order to help you grasp the entire IPTV concept, it would be helpful to define the acronym. IPTV simply means internet protocol television. The IP as used in IPTV is the same one you have encountered in VoIP and IP address. In essence, this is just television programming that is being channeled through the internet protocol.

To better comprehend how TV broadcasting is done, you need to understand some bits of how non-IPTV functions. For instance, in satellite and cable TV, you are only able to watch the signals that are being broadcasted by the respective broadcasters. This is unless you are using some kind of recording device to help you dictate what you can watch at any time. Typically, you just have to tune in and watch whatever is available at that time.

How IPTV Works

If you have been hesitant to buy iptv, understanding how it works may give you enough reason to invest in it. IPTV is quite unique since it doesn’t transmit content through satellite radio waves or light pulses via fiber-optic cable. Instead, IPTV transmits TV shows and movies using your standard internet connection. Whether you are using satellite or cable internet connection, they are both different from what transmits your TV signals.

Therefore, in the place of transmitting different scheduled shows using video on demand media. This means that users don’t necessarily have to watch whatever is being broadcasted. Users, in this case, can alert their service providers on what they intend to watch and the services will be immediately sent to them. If you have used some of the popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu, they mimic the same basic principles of IPTV. Only that IPTV is more of TV shows rather than series and movies.

Do I Need a Set Top Box for IPTV?

Well, the preponderance of TV sets are not equipped for IPTV services. Essentially, you may need to purchase a set-top box so that it facilitates transcoding the signals received over internet connection into a format that the TV can read and display. If you have a computer, however, you do not need anything else to enjoy IPTV services. The moment you have signed up for a service, you can start streaming content in different formats supported by your provider. Therefore, you can buy iptv service package and mirror your screen to the TV so you can enjoy IPTV without having to purchase a set-top box.


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