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Demystifying the Myths of Running on a Treadmill

Demystifying the Myths of Running on a Treadmill

A treadmill is a highly efficient fitness equipment in meeting your weight loss goals. Bringing the latest treadmill on rent comes as a health blessing to anyone who sticks to it regularly. But despite having several health benefits, still, there are many myths prevalent in the society that stop people from using treadmills. Some say it is an inferior workout as compared to outdoor running while others say treadmill running is a boring activity. But the truth is entirely different from these myths.

So if you are the one who has started believing in the myths related to treadmills, then let’s demystify them one by one. Let’s get started:

Myth 1: Running on a Treadmill is a Boring Activity

Reality: It’s easy to start believing in such a myth unless you test and try running on a treadmill. Working out on the treadmill is the most enjoyable workout you have ever indulged in. Unlike outdoor running, you could keep a TV in front of your treadmill and enjoy your favourite shows while you jog on the treadmill at a pace you prefer. Isn’t it better? So forget the myth and accept reality.

Myth 2: Treadmill Workouts are Just for Runners

Reality: It’s a myth that the treadmill is just for runners. It’s equally built for walkers as well. It depends on how you make use of it. You could use it at a slow pace and enjoy a jog at a pace that’s convenient for you. There are preset programs for all major cardio workouts that you want, from jogging to running and even sprinting. So you could see that it is for everyone and not just runners.

Myth 3: A Treadmill Doesn’t Prepare You for Race Day

Reality: It’s a myth that treadmills don’t offer you an authentic outdoor running experience and leave you unprepared for the outdoor race day. The reality is that running on a treadmill builds a strong foundation that prepares your muscles to face the race day. If you check facts, you could see many of the marathoners have been trained on treadmills before starting with outdoor running. 

Myth 4: Treadmill Running Causes Injuries to Your Knees 

Reality: It’s a myth that running on a treadmill results in frequent injuries to knees. In reality, the fact is the opposite. Treadmill runs are far easier on your knees than outdoor runs. Since treadmills have cushioned surfaces, they put less pressure on your knees than outdoor running, where you have to run on a very hard surface.

The Key Takeaway

You will hear lots of rumours and myths about treadmills but you shouldn’t believe them. The treadmill you rent or rent cross trainer, it is there to help you in meeting your fitness goals. So stop believing myths and keep checking the reality whenever you have a doubt. These fitness equipment have been time-tested for improving fitness levels and being used by many marathoners around the world. If they have worked for them, they are most likely to work positively for you in meeting your weight loss or fitness goals.


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