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Design Fundamentals to Enhance the User Experience of your Mobile App

Design Fundamentals to Enhance the User Experience of your Mobile App

Is your mobile app successful? How can this be evaluated? A mobile app development and its launching is obviously very hard for the developers and we expect the same success as that of WhatsApp, Facebook, Uber or amazon. If you want your app to be similar to these popular apps, it should be able to offer an overall performance.

Choosing the right platform and stuffing only the optimal features is a vital part of the picture. The user experience is also equally important like the two sides of a coin. The user experience of an app decides whether the pp will remain in the user’s phone for long or he will simply churn it out as the moment he installs.

Through this blog, let’s see how the user experience can make your app a success or a failure.  The user experience make the navigation through the app easier as well as help in creating brand awareness. All the app giants who have gained enormous success until date are due to its exceptional UX designs.

Making the app navigation better

Navigation is the most essential part of a good UX design. It must be faster and easier so that the user is satisfied while he go through the app. An informative screen tour can be beneficial if they are operating for the first time. This will reduce the churn rate of the app. If the navigation is not up to the mark, it will be very difficult to engage users in your app.

UX design saves battery life

Some apps consumes a lot of battery power and thus the battery drains out quickly. Since users are very careful about their battery, they would shut your app immediately if it is exhausted quickly. So make sure your app does not consume too much battery and other resources like data and memory too much.

Knowing your target audience

Knowing your target audience is not only applicable when you are deciding the platform to build the app or picking the features but it becomes crucial while designing the app UX.  Thus before the wireframe is developed know your users, if they are using the app for the first time or are familiar.

Going through the reviews and ratings of the app of similar category may give you some idea.

Creating more Interactive designs

If you want people to fall in love with your designs, you must be able to exhibit how well you interact with the app. With interactive design, the app designer pays attention on developing attractive web interfaces and perform creative imagination in the process. The latest technology and trends must also be used to get the best outputs.

Simplifying the signup process

Most of the apps today have a sign up process where the user will have to enter the email id and mobile number along with a password. Not all the users may be tech-friendly, some may find this difficult. Therefore avoid the lengthy registration process that may annoy the user. Avail only the most necessary information to create an account, even if you require some additional information; keep it for later stages of using the app.

Some useful tips for building an interactive design for the app include:

  • Maintain the best standards whether running on Android or iOS platform.
  • Avoid asking the users unnecessary information unless it is very necessary.
  • Responding to user’s feedback is always good even if it is a negative comment.
  • Keep a check on Improving the loading speed of video and animation
  • Using the white space intelligently so that the user is clear about the next set of action to be performed on the app.
  • Improving the UX designs by using colors can draw the attention of the users.

In short, user experience plays a vital role in influencing the users; therefore, an emphasis should be given on this. The UX tool enhances the use experience and makes the navigation faster. Although it is difficult to craft a perfect app there always remains a scope of improvement. Contact a mobile app development company and build on demand apps for services like taxi dispatch software or if you wish to improve your current app.


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