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Different Types of Camera Straps and Harnesses – Expert Tips to Make Your Selection Easier

Different Types of Camera Straps and Harnesses – Expert Tips to Make Your Selection Easier

Even though you can shoot all the photos you want using the strap that came along with your camera, buying a different strap or harness can make the experience more convenient, comfortable, and even add to your style quotient. A good camera strap makes it easier for you to carry your camera longer without your getting tired. It also makes it more convenient for carrying multiple cameras, lenses, and other accessories. One of the biggest benefits of using a camera strap is to prevent it from falling to the ground accidentally, according to Some insights into the different materials and styles of camera straps, you can choose from:

Camera Strap Material

Camera straps come in various materials like nylon, Paracord, Neoprene, leather, and even heavy-duty canvas. While each of these materials has its pros and cons, you should ideally choose a material that is durable and waterproof. Nylon and Paracord are generally the most easily available while Neoprene is also a good choice as you can get extra padding at the points it makes contact with your body. Most synthetic materials can feel hot to the skin but have the advantage of being waterproof. Leather is one of the classiest materials around but generally is expensive and needs a fair amount of care.

Camera Strap Styles 

Neck-straps: This is the most common and basic strap style that has both the ends of the strap attached to the camera body with eyelets. You can carry it around your neck or use it as a sling on your shoulder. Easy to use and adjust, neck-straps, however, put the entire weight of the camera and the attached lens on your neck, which can be uncomfortable over a long time.

Wrist straps: Connected to the camera body at a single point, wrist straps come in different colors and materials and are best used with lightweight cameras. Simple in construction, wrist straps are not useful for larger and heavy cameras. This one from HoldFast Gear is one of the bestsellers.

Hand straps: Usually made of nylon or leather, hand straps connect to the camera with both an eyelet and the tripod mount and are preferred for their convenience and ability to avoid pain in the neck and shoulders. However, many photographers find hand straps awkward to use as it ties up your hand.

Cross-Body strap: This style of camera strap hang on one shoulder while running across your body and connecting with the camera on the hip. The strap hooks onto the camera with a snap or a screw to the tripod mount and can slide on the strap. You will experience greater comfort if you choose a model with the shoulder area padded. The advantage of cross-body straps is that they permit a more even distribution of the weight and offer more support and stability. They also leave both your hands free to handle the camera.

With camera straps coming in various styles, there is no single strap that can be considered the best. You need to factor in your preferences, shooting style, extent of use, and budget.


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