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Different Types of Roofing Options That Can Commonly Be Seen Around the World

Different Types of Roofing Options That Can Commonly Be Seen Around the World

The most important part of a building or construction is the roof, as it has to deal with the most wear and tear. Building walls do not get damaged easily, but roof needs properly scheduled maintenance. At least once in 5 years, you need to focus on the roofing. Thisis such a part of the building, which should be maintained in top-notchform so that safety for the dwellers can be ensured.

Nevertheless, the damages to the roof can also start damaging the walls. Eventually, it will lead to overall damage to the construction. Roof maintenance largely depends on the type of roof that your house possesses. In the following section, we shall basicallytalk about different types of roofs.

Various Types of Roofs

Based on the construction type, roofing type also varies a lot. One can find different kinds of roof designs and roof materials. Among those roofing types, a few have been found commonly popular throughout the world. We shall discuss these common roofing types in the following section.

  1. Solar Tiles

When it comes to the roofing tiles, you shall find the solar tiles quite commonly at different places. Such tiles can serve two common purposes. Firstly, these tiles come with solar energy receptors which can capture solar power. The captured power from the sun has been transformed into energy to generate electricity for the household. In this way, many households can save their electricity consumption cost. Solar cells are one-time investments. Once installed, they will serve you for years. In place of the regular shingles, solar cell enabled shingles are installed.

Since these kinds of shingles serve more than one purpose, it is obvious that they come with higher price tags. However, limited maintenance is requiredfor such shingles. Solar cell enables shingles are sturdy, andthey are designed to deal with wear and tear. UV ray cannot damage the shingles easily. However, damages could happen due to water. So, if you live in an area where massive rain occurs, orsnowfall happens frequently, you may need to opt for the other roofing options instead of choosing this roofing option.

  1. Asphalt Shingles

Among the most common roofing materials, asphalt shingles should be namedat the beginning of the list. This type of roofing material is highly useful and durable for all sorts of seasons. They can deal with wear and tear due to UV rays of sun and moisture due to rainfall. Despite existing for years, they display limited damages. Nevertheless, changing the shingles is simple, andmaintenance is not expensive at all. Due to all these reasons, asphalt shingles have been used quite commonly by the house owners for renovating the roof of the house.

The upfront cost of installing such shingles is quite low as well as affordable. Once installed, the shingles will stay unharmed for more than 15 years. However, durability may vary based upon the weather condition of a specific area. The good thing is that based on the weather conditions, one can purchase the asphalt shingles for roofing, as shingles with different specifications are available nowadays inthe marketplace.

  1. Metallic Roofing

Metal has been widely usedfor the building construction purpose for years. We often see that metallic TMT bars are usedfor the constructionof the roofs. However, complete metallic roofing is something that we rarely see these days. Using metal for roofing has some prominent drawbacks. Firstly, metal gets heated up easily and due to the heatingsizeof the metal sheets or bars gets expended. Thus, it makes the whole construction quite unstable. Nevertheless, such roofing would require frequent maintenance. Metal gets rusty due to moisture, especially when iron ore has been used. To stop rust, the galvanizedcoating has been used. However, it is not quite useful inthe long term.

However, applying certain methods or techniques for metal roofing can help the roof to last for more than 50 years. If metallic shingles or vertical panels are usedforroofing, an excellentresult can easily be achieved. This type of roofing is considered as stable as well as durable. Along with longevity, sturdiness of the roof is quite impeccable. Thus, this kind of roofing has been notedquite widely. But, using a metallicsheet forroofing has become obsolete. Metallic shingles for roofing is always a good alternative.

  1. Stone Coated Steel

Stone coated steel is a perfect roofing solution inthose areas, where rain is quite frequent. In tropical regions, heavy downpour has been notedduring the rainy season. Nevertheless, due to tropical climate weather always stay moist, expect the winter season. Except forheavy downpour in the rainyseason, rain occurs throughout the year more or less. Due to rain, roofs become damaged; especially the metallic shingles get rust due to moist climate conditions. In such scenario, stone coated steel-based roofing solution has been notedas befitting. Such roofing solution has been consideredas highly durable. If industry experts are to be believed, the stonecoated metal roof can stay unharmed for even 100 years. However, in that case, the best quality material has to be chosen.

  1. Slate

Just like stone coated metal roofing, slate roofing has also been hailedfor terrific durability. Such roofing solution can provide almost 100 years damage proof guarantee. Slate is such a material which cannot be damageddue to the UV rays from the sun. It also works well in a wetclimate, as it does not get rusty. Moreover, it does not result inmold formation due to the tropical wet climate. For this reason, slate roofing is consideredexpensive. However, there are some risks. Slate can also be fragile. If stepped on the slate roof or dropped heavy items on the roof, it could get broken easily. Once broken, the majoritypart of the roof has to be replacedor repaired. If you live in an area which experiences hailstorm quite frequently, slate roofing is not the ideal solution for you. Get in touch with Klaus roofing Colorado to know more.

  1. Rubber Slate

To build the Victorian style homes, rubber slate has been usedquite commonly. It is a common roofing material, andit has been considered as durable too. There are some unique benefits of choosing rubber slate for roofing. First of all, rubber slate is low in price. Thus, the upfrontcost is quite low for roof building or renovating. It does not need regular maintenance. Thisis another cost-savingbenefit of this kind of roofing. Apart from these, there are some additional benefits of this type of roofing. Among the additional benefits, durability is worth mentioning. Lightweightis another good reason to choose rubber slate for roofing material. Easily available and simple installation are the other advantages of choosing such roofing material.

  1. Clay and Concrete Tiles

Clay and concrete tiles are the traditional roofing options for many households indifferent regions of the world. Concrete roofing has been consideredas contemporary roofing, and it has been usedfor developing contemporary houses, building, andstructures. Concrete tiles are durable and damage proof. But water or moisture can cause a lot of damages to them. Mold formation can be notedwith such roofing material. Once the moldis formed, it indicates that the roof needs to be repairedas sooner as possible. Mold is not good for the dwellers, as the formationof mold can fetch lung-relatedinfections.

In place of concrete, clay has been used for roofing, though it is not an ideal thing. Clay shingles are used for decoration purposes, as they make the appearance of the roof exquisite. Clay roofing has some drawbacks. The most notable drawback is that clay is fragile and thus it can get broken easily. So, regardingprotection or safety, clay is not the ideal material for roofing. However, clay tiles have certain advantages. First of all, the tiles do not get damaged due to the sun ray and heat. It also keeps the house cool despite intense sunlightand warm climate.

Green Roofs

Green roofing is a contemporary and eco-friendly idea, which has been implementedin many cases with utmost success. In commercial places, green roofing has been usedtoshow up the socialresponsibility of the company. Green roof means the roof is coveredwith green plants. Various plants can be installedon the roof. However, plants can make the based roofing material weaker. So, green roofing has to be done in such a style so that it does not get damaged easily. Small plants are generally installed on the roof so that they have small roots that cannot cause damage to the base roofing material.

  1. Built Up Roofing

Thisis another professional roofing solution, andit protects the roof from various kinds of damages. This type of roof comes with layers of asphalt. It commits to last for at least 20 to 25 years.

It is important to keep in mind that proper roofing is the key tosafe and stable construction. If it has not been donewell, it can potentially lead to many troubles. So, choosing roofing material is a crucial thing.


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