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Different Types Of Sunglasses

Different Types Of Sunglasses

While driving, playing, or even walking, you can wear attractive sunglasses that match your attire. Along with this, sunglasses provide your eyes protection against dust and dirt. Finding a perfect pair of sunglasses for your face is a little difficult task. So, we have brought you a list of different types of sunglasses that will help you choose the right sunglasses for your face. 


Everyone likes to wear trendy sunglasses. These sunglasses are another classic piece of style. It has been on the top of the popular list of sunglasses for over a decade. It has wide lenses from the outside, and it narrows down towards the nose. The teardrop shape of the aviator makes it an exceptional choice. The metal frame, as well as the top signature bar, enhances the browline of the face. 

Moreover, aviator frames provide superior protection with a large field of vision. These glasses are formulated in bright colors, a matte finish, and plastic outlines. Aviator sunglasses are perfectly suited to square, heart, or oval faces.

Round Sunglasses 

Since the emergence of sunglasses, round eyewear has helped people stand out in the crowd. These sunglasses are worn by superstars like Harry Potter and John Lennon, the first person to popularise round sunglasses. The oversized round sunglasses are adaptable and timeless. It perfectly suits the square face shape, as it adds accents around the edges and gives a modern look. Round sunglasses are circular or quirky in shape and come in various colorful frames. Round sunglasses are suited for every man, woman, or child. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are the most fashionable and retro feminine sunglasses. With their upswept rims, cat eye glasses are dominating the fashion world. Even when you pair these sunglasses with casual wear, you will stand bright out of the crowd. The frames of these glasses are thick and are available in various varieties. 

Moreover, it gives you a bookish look with oversized frames, and the shaded temples add a dramatic effect on the face. If you have a square, oval, heart, or round face, cat-eye sunglasses are the best choice for you. 

Rectangular Sunglasses 

These frames are generally oversized sunglasses. They have a wider rim, and their edges are parallel, which gives a versatile retro look. The full and wide rim of rectangle sunglasses is perfect for giving out a stylish and trendy look. If you have a high nose bridge, these glasses will look good on your face. It also enhances the bold look of the face, and once you wear this one, you do not need any other accessories to make yourself look stylish and trendy.

Oval Sunglasses 

The round edges and oversized sunglasses are widely available in thick plastic frames. The oblong-shaped frames will give you a flattering look. Do not worry if you want a thin or metallic one, as oval sunglasses are also available in these types. When you wear these sunglasses, they will give you an old Hollywood look. 

Wrap Around Sunglasses

Wrap-around sunglasses have a curved design at the front of the face. It is considered the best sunglasses with the largest field of vision. They also provide great protection against dirt or dust, as it is wrapped from all sides. This can also go on your sporty look for both men and women. Furthermore, the colorful frames and lenses will protect you from sunlight and harmful rays. 

Now that you have got an idea about various types of sunglasses, it is time for you to buy the right one for yourself. Choose the ideal frames like rectangular, square, wrap-around, or shield frames. To get a subtle and neutral look, choose round or square lenses, or if you feel that these lenses are not for you, you can also try the hexagonal lenses, as it works on all kinds of faces. 

Fashion and High Society

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