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Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Technology has been one of mankind’s applaud able achievements that modified every chore in existence, be it that of cleaning around multi-story houses and mansions. Vacuum cleaners are one of the innumerable machines invented to help in everyday cleaning. These machines are able to wipe out dirt and bacteria way quicker than a human could ever do. It saves up much of the valuable time for working parents or adults in general and does not consume much of the energy as manual cleaning would require.

Here we gathered up different kinds of Vacuum cleaners on that have become a necessity in our daily life.

1: Wireless Vacuums

Wires can be a cause of annoyance when you struggle to carry the machine to places beyond the length of the wire. Some vacuum cleaners are now manufactured with a built-in battery that would need a wired connection just during charging. This covers up for the limitations that a wire would impose on the process of cleaning.

2: Handheld Vacuums

Lifting heavy weights may be a hobby of some weight lifters, but most people do not admire gadgets that can be hard to handle due to their enormous weighs. Manufacturers took notice of this and made handheld vacuums that were lighter in weight than the conventional vacuum cleaners which have a heavy machine attached to them. These cleaners are suitable for tidying up small messes and are convenient to handle due to their lightweight.

3: Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums are way more advanced than simpler machines as they have a built-in smart system. They are wireless and do not need human handling as they travel around independently, cleaning up your house. Such vacuums can clean up 3 to 4 rooms on one charge depending upon the model.

4: Upright Vacuums

These cleaners have phenomenal power that enables them to clean both carpets and hard floors. They are able to collect huge amounts of debris in one go and are wireless to allow you irritation free cleaning. Most of them are bagless and hence this saves you the trouble of changing bags every now and then.

5: Cyclonic Vacuums

A type of bagless vacuums, cyclonic vacuums use a highly efficient filtration system to clear dust and debris. These vacuums work by the principle of centrifugal force to separate the dirt from the surrounding air.  People with asthma and certain allergic conditions should definitely opt for cyclonic vacuums as they help in keeping the air free from allergens and dust.

Technology continues to get better with time, but finding the product suiting your need could be like fetching a needle in a sack of hay. But the internet has made it possible for us to access what we are looking for, so we should use it to our maximum advantage.

The choice of a vacuum cleaner depends upon 3 simple steps:

1: Your first priority should be your convenience.

2: You must know about the types of features you are looking for.

3: You must have an idea about the technology that fulfills your needs.

Good luck! 


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