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Different Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Different Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits are benefits that you can claim – and which you should claim – whenever you got a work-related injury or illness. Most states require employers and companies to get a workers’ comp insurance, meaning employers and companies are required to give you the necessary benefits should you face any work-related injuries or illnesses.

But what are the types of compensation can you get? The type of compensation you will get depends on your case. Here are the different types of workers’ compensation benefits which you can claim should you get injured or get ill while at work.

1) Medical treatment

This is the most common type of compensation you can get from your employer. If you suffered an injury or illness while performing your work, you can file a workers’ compensation claim where your employer or company will help you pay for your medical bills, such as:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Emergency room
  • Medicines and other forms of medication
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Recovery equipment and tools

If the injury or illness is serious, your employer may need to take care of you for ongoing care, although other forms of therapy may not be included in the workers’ comp benefits.

If you suffered from another injury because of your first (work-related) injury, that injury can also be covered by workers’ compensation.

2) Disability

If you get disabled because of work-related activities, through workers’ compensation, your employer should help you recover from that disability until you are fully recovered and can get back to work again. There are different types of disability you may face (but let’s hope you don’t):

  • Temporary partial disability – you can still work, but your level of capacity is reduced. For example, if you break your arm, you may still be able to do your job (unless you’re work is primary hand-related) but the level of output you bring is not the same as you originally can until you’ve fully recovered.
  • Temporary total disability – you totally cannot work this time because of your disability, but you can fully recover within a certain timeframe.
  • Permanent partial disability – your disability is permanent, but you can still do the same work you are doing – only with lesser level of output.
  • Permanent total disability – this is the worst: you cannot totally work, and you won’t be able to return to your original work.

If you’re temporarily disabled (meaning, you can recover), your employer must help you recover your lost wages and help you recover until you can go back to work again. If you’re permanently disabled (and let’s never wish this will happen), your employer or company should give you disability compensation for life. This depends, of course, in your specific state laws and your case.

3) Rehabilitation

As mentioned above, if you suffered from long-term injury or disability, your employer or company should give you an ongoing care.

In case you cannot return to your original work or role due to the disability you acquired, your employer should help you with vocational rehabilitation – meaning, you will learn a different skill-set so you will be employed in another tasks.

While you are on the process of recovery and/or learning new skills, you can still recover some of your lost wages.

4) Death and funeral services

Okay, this is something you and I will never think about, let alone talk about! But in the very unfortunate event that you die during work, your employer must compensate for your loss of life to your family members. Your employer or company should pay for your funeral services and so on.

The typical beneficiaries of your death are your immediate family members – elderly parents, spouse and children (some states don’t allow death compensation for children ages 18 and above, except if he/she suffers from a disability).

These are the different types of workers’ compensation that you can get should you face a work-related injury or illness. Keep in mind that you can claim these if you are eligible for workers’ comp.

But above all, always stay safe first and foremost – inside and outside of work!

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