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Different ways to increase views on your YouTube video

Different ways to increase views on your YouTube video

When an artist’s track is released, he is always hoping and believing to get his music heard by as many individuals as possible. Your past online presence is really important to increase your contact with different audiences and your present fans community. If you already have a fan following on your social media or you have followers on Spotify. At that point, this is the ideal stage for you to develop exponentially and get famous on YouTube as well. If you are an amateur and just beginning, then this is the best guide for you.

Before you start these steps, you have to understand who is your audience to guarantee the individuals who you are getting your music heard. These individuals can possibly become deep-rooted fans of your music, as opposed to just deceiving somebody to click your music video so as to expand your stream numbers.

These are the following initial steps to get your music heard and get famous:

Majority of the virals and stories you see via social media starts from Reddit. This is the best stage to give your music the most obvious opportunity with regards to circulating around the internet. Most things that become a web sensation really start on Reddit. 

Reddit is depicted as your “First page of the internet” where individuals can submit links. Users vote on these links regarding how significant and valuable they are. This is the most ideal stage to release your music to a new crowd.  Reddit is now considered a huge stage and is separated into subreddits. These subreddits are basically topics and groups.

Discover individuals who have shared similar music videos:
It is always a wise tactic to target individuals who are fanatics of different artists. Your fans won’t appear out of the blue, they are currently fans of different artists, so you have to focus on the groups which have a similar fan base to yourself and focus on their fans.

If are hoping to get more aspects of your music video in the genre of indie music, you can use heaps of various search functions via social media to see individuals who have the same taste in music as you have.

Another YouTube channel adds you track: 
I don’t think this method is used sufficiently by the artists. Sometimes artists play a significant role in getting the perspectives to their own YouTube channel, yet our target here is to stretch your music reach and elevate to as many individuals as possible. If your music is worthy enough, they will discover you and listen to your different tunes.

We know that every YouTube channel has a contact email address that permits you to submit your music. Open the about section after going to the channel, and click “view email address”.

Coordinated efforts:
Our last tip is to work together with others. Sometimes, to get views on your videos, you can prepare and get an alliance with an artist to collaborate on a track or band who may have a greater fan base than you at the present time. This will resolve most of the issues for your band and you can draw in new fans from one another and have a 1+1=3 situation.


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