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Different Yoga Relaxation Techniques

Different Yoga Relaxation Techniques

This hectic life that many of us are in calls us to take the time to relax, otherwise our body and mind would break. But if we only take the time to indulge in activities that promote relaxation, stress would no longer affect us in a negative way. And one of the best ways to relax and exercise at the same time is to indulge in yoga. 

Yoga provides a plethora of benefits. But, just a quick note though if you’re new to yoga. If you find these relaxation techniques difficult to do, might as well consult a Mahasiddha yoga teacher. The following are the three different types of Yoga relaxation techniques. 

The Instant Relaxation Technique

To do this, bring your legs together as you also join your toes and heels together. Put your palms by your side. Let your mind and body relax while you’re in this position. Don’t forget to smile. Then start contracting your muscles starting from your toes, then to your joints, ankles and then your calf muscles. Make an effort to exhale and then see to it that you pull your abdomen muscles. Then start contracting your forearm flexors as you make fists. You also need to tighten your upper arms while you inhale, expanding your chest and back. Tighten those muscles in your shoulders, face and neck. 

Tighten all the muscles in your body starting from the toes and work all the way up to your head. Pause for a few seconds. Now relax all those muscles as you slowly part your legs and arms. Let your palms face the ceiling. Think of the most comfortable position as you allow your body to sink down. This time, give all your muscle groups the time to relax. 

The Quick Relaxation Technique

This type of relaxation technique starts with the Shavasana pose. This can be done in three phases. During the first phase, you have to start by observing your abdominal movements while you’re also breathing in and out.

The second phase have to be completed in five cycles. This is when you have to learn to coordinate abdominal movement with your breathing. Inhale while your abdomen moves up and then exhale as it moves down. Do this in five cycles. 

The third phase requires you to engage in deep breathing. Do it slowly and feel it energizing every inch of your body and notice it making you feel light and relaxed. 

Each time you exhale, allow all your muscles to collapse so you can feel completely relax. Enhance the experience by chanting “auhm” in a soft low voice. Then slowly exhale while noticing those vibrations running down to the lower parts of your body. Then, start getting up slowly either from your left or right side. 

The Deep Relaxation Technique 

This is the type of relaxation technique that stimulates the different parts of your brain, in accordance with each physical movement that you perform. Let each part of your body relax starting from your toes. Then, work your way up to the scalp and allow the relaxing sensation to penetrate your brain as well. Once mental relaxation is being felt by the entire surface of the brain, the subconscious mind will also be triggered. In turn, your brain waves will be harmonized. Once you’ve achieved this state, you will notice your body floating in between a deep state of relaxation and consciousness. This is when you begin to become a conscious witness to your own thoughts. You can definitely remain in this state for as long as you want. 

The Deep Relaxation technique requires the guidance of a yoga teacher. But, for the other two types of relaxation technique, you can perform it on your own. 

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