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Digital Nomad Boom for Travel Industry

Digital Nomad Boom for Travel Industry

As most of the world certainly appears to be on the long path back to recovery and discovering what the ‘new normal’ may be, the travel industry prepares for a summer where travel may be possible in a much wider way once again, for those looking forward to getting away for a summer holiday or even those just looking to be able to visit family once again. There are certainly many positive signs for the travel industry however, but one of the biggest possibilities could come from the rising possibility of those looking to explore a digital nomad lifestyle, particularly with changes to the work-life balance, and the rise of location independent business too.

A major change toward remote working this past year has certainly enabled a growing number of possibilities for those looking to change their own work-life balance, and the growth of independent travel visas with a focus on remote working during this same period of time has enabled a huge audience to consider the possibilities of what many have been exploring for quite some time – there’s a wealth of information out there around the best ways to approach a digital nomad lifestyle, from the equipment you’ll need to take with you right through to information on living in a foreign city such as this bali city guide at, but a huge part of the change definitely revolves around travel and the potential travel opportunities that would enable you to move around. This is where the huge boom for the travel industry could come from, by helping to advertise the potential for remote working visas and all of the picturesque destinations that top the bucket list, and also catering to those looking to move around on a much more common basis than usual. 

It’s also important to consider the rise of location independent work, and not just remote work too. Many different online services have become essential for many over this period of time with the likes of Etsy and Fiverr serving as a way for many to get set-up without the trouble of freelancing, alongside the rise of digital content creation whether it be through blogging, vlogging, or podcasting too – the stats don’t lie and those who are able to shoot this content in a much more visually stunning location will always find more success, and it’s certainly a desire for many to do so. 

Whilst there’s no guarantee that things will return to even a semblance of normality this year, many will hope that plans are at least being made for the new year and the possibilities it could bring, with plenty recommending that if you haven’t taken a look into your remote working options to do so – who knows you may end up on a sunny beach somewhere filling out your spreadsheets, certainly a welcomed change for those who are able to make the change, and for those really looking for a different quality of life from the home work commute of the past.


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