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Discover Classic British Jewelry

Discover Classic British Jewelry

Everyone needs that one piece of jewellery that makes them feel luxurious. For a male, this might be a set of cufflinks or a special watch. For a female, this might be a pair of earrings or a necklace. 

Many find appeal in owning a piece of classic British jewellery. Classic British jewellery is handcrafted by goldsmiths and all pieces are designed to be timeless, but unique pieces. Most jewelers incorporate gems into their pieces. The pieces are meant to make a statement and complement a variety of outfits. 

Classic British jewellery requires careful maintenance. It should only be worn on special occasions, shouldn’t come in contact with contaminants such as cleaning chemicals, and should not be overhandled. Generally, it is recommended to get the jewellery professionally inspected once a year. A professional will be able to check for any damage and will also clean the piece. 

Antique classic British jewellery is in great demand and can be quite expensive. As an alternative, many people seek out more contemporary pieces. There are still quite a few British jewelers that are designing and producing new pieces. 

Here are five designers to keep on your radar.

Wendy Ramshaw

Though recently deceased, Wendy Ramshaw designed and created jewellery for over 50 years. She is also known for her romantic relationship with jeweler David Watkins, who designed the medals for the London 2012 Olympics. When she first started designing, she crafted paper jewellery that customers had to handcraft themselves. From there, she moved onto other projects, including her signature ringsets (which consists of golden rings on a stand) and her Picasso’s Ladies collection (which features jewellery juxtaposed with images of females featured in Picasso’s artwork). She was known for her innovation. Her pieces are currently displayed within 70 museums and art galleries. Some of the galleries are still selling her jewellery. 

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe has been designing and creating jewellery for over 30 years. Alex grew up surrounded by nature and his love for the natural world inspires his pieces. His ideas begin as sketches in a notebook. From there, he finalizes the design before turning it over to his workshop team. His jewellery is meant to be feminine, delicate, and quirky. One of his newest collections draws inspiration from the bygone natural world. He has two different boutique locations in London. His services include engraving and consultation. 

Elizabeth Gage

Elizabeth Gage has been designing and creating jewellery for over 50 years. Her pieces frequently attract the attention of celebrities because of their unique design. According to this jewelry designer spotlight piece,  Elizabeth combines elements within her work based upon their beauty. It could be the stone, a shape, or a specific color that helped to inspire a piece. Her collections feature a wide range of jewellery, including bracelets, earrings, pendants, and cufflinks. It is even possible to incorporate an existing heirloom stone into one of her designs. Individuals that are interested in having a piece designed by Elizabeth can schedule an appointment with her boutique in London. 

Diana Porter

Diana Porter started her own jewellery making business in 1993, after completing a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing. She prides herself on her pieces being functional, believing that jewellery should be worn and not just collected. Her jewellery can be found in shops and galleries across the United Kingdom, including her own shop in Bristol. She has a special interest in designing engagement and wedding rings, which can be customized to rework the stone. She also engraved words upon her jewellery, believing that the words empower the wearer to take on those traits. 

Jacqueline Ryan

Jacqueline Ryan has had her jewellery featured in galleries since 1991. Her inspiration comes from both the natural world and ancient culture. She frequently visits zoos and botanical gardens to gather sketches to use for inspiration. Many of her pieces eternalize plants and feature moveable elements that will shake, vibrate, or rattle when the wearer moves. Many of her pieces are crafted out of high carat gold and feature vibrant colors such as turquoise. Though she doesn’t have a boutique, she frequently is featured within galleries where her jewellery can be purchased. Her pieces include earrings, bangles, necklaces, and broaches. 

For the designers mentioned above, creating jewelry is a form of art. A classic piece of British jewelry is something that is meant to be treasured for years. Individuals looking to buy a piece should take the time to look through the jewellery of several different designers before choosing the piece they want. 


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