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Discover How Not to Break the Bank When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Discover How Not to Break the Bank When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

If you’re on the hunt for your dream wedding dress, you have probably already discovered the expensive price tag attached to glamor. Chances are you’ve been dreaming about wedding dresses since you were little and watching classic rom-coms like Runaway Bride, The Wedding Planner, and Bride Wars. If you were raised on impossible-not-to-love wedding movies like these, you have definitely discovered the Romantic inside of you (even if it usually hides under your pervasive cynicism).

Having the right dress is a big deal in the wedding world, for good reasons. It sets the tone for you as a bride and for the whole wedding. But it’s no secret that wedding dresses can be insanely expensive. You’re worth investing in so your big day is flawless . . . but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t really have to spend enough money on your dress for it to be called an investment? Let’s look at a few tips for scoring your perfect dress for less.

Utilize Those First Time Customer Discount Incentives When Shopping Online

Shopping for wedding dresses online can be a great money-saving practice for a couple of reasons. Ever notice those pop up windows that temporarily freeze your screen when you first visit a website? They usually offer a discount code for first time visitors with the input of your email address. Discounts are your friend when you need to save money. Often e-commerce stores provide more discount incentives than in-person clothing stores. 

In addition, exclusively shopping for your dress online might be in your best interest if you prefer to take your time trying on multiple options—just utilize free shipping and return policies. Wedding dress providers want to make sure their brides are satisfied with their dresses, so they know to make the return process an easy one. 

Upcycle Part of a Family Member’s Wedding Garb

Upcycling is a major trend, and it’s a great way to recycle materials to help save the planet. “Something old, something new” and “something borrowed” can be sourced from a family member’s wedding trousseau to both fulfill the rhyme and save some money. Not only will it cost you less if you can reuse parts of your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding items, but it also adds a beautiful touch of reminiscence to your special day. Vintage glam: who knew your family member had the perfect piece lying around their house?

Having a little bit of what made someone you love’s wedding special won’t diminish your sense of individuality—it will add to the significance of your day.

Gauge How Much Fabric You Need

When you buy a wedding dress, you’re paying for the quality and the perceived luxury of the dress, but you’re also paying for the material. So naturally, the more expensive the material, the more the dress will cost. The more fabric used, the higher the price of the dress as well. Do you want a full length gown, or could you see yourself in a short length? Do you need crinoline and layers upon layers, or will a breathable flowy shape suffice? You can save money on your dress if you look for a style that doesn’t require a lot of material. Unfortunately, a Cinderella ball gown is going to cost you.

Determine What Type of Material You’re Looking For

In addition to assessing how much fabric you want in your dream dress, you should also determine which materials are your favorite. Certain fabrics are going to cost more due to the price of harvesting and creation. Ask yourself whether your dream materials are essential—maybe there is a lookalike fabric that can offer the same effect for less. Blended materials can save you a lot; for instance, silk blends like linen- and cotton-silk are cheaper alternatives that still have the flowy smooth silk attributes you’re seeking. 

Go for Simple Styling

Simplicity is chic. As much as sequins, pearls, diamonds, and all the embellishments have their place, they don’t necessarily need to be sewn onto your dress. You can still be a dramatic vision in a simple silhouette—maybe even more so. We’re pretty sure there are a few well-known sayings about this. Plus, the more understated the shape, the more attention-grabbing your accessories can be. A stunning heirloom necklace (something old, anyone?) will look extraordinary above a classically clean neckline. 


Shopping for a wedding dress does not have to break the bank if you follow some pretty simple guidelines. Buying your dress for less can leave you with extra money to contribute to other areas of your wedding fund—maybe you’ll put that money towards centerpieces, or decorations, or bouquets. Or here’s a great idea: put the money towards cute wedding shoes. That sounds like the right move. 

Regardless of what you use the savings for, you’ll be glad to have spent less. Buy that dream dress, and have the ceremony of your dreams.


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